8 Ways To Have A 'Friends' Themed Valentine's Day

by Kat George

Valentine's Day is coming up, and what better way to celebrate the day of love than with the people you love? Of course, I don't mean your significant other, I mean THE CAST OF FRIENDS . Any Friends fan can tell you, these are your real friends (to quote Drake, "No new friends where my real friends at?"). While staying in on Valentine's Day to binge watching Friends for the thousandth time does sound enticing (like, I'm clearing my calendar right now enticing), there probably are much more social ways to spend V-Day, even if you're single. So while it might not be conducive to avoiding hermit-hood to lock yourself in for a marathon you're pretty much always marathoning anyway (show me someone who says they don't have an episode of Friends on in the background at least once a day and I'll show you a damn liar), you can still get your V-Day jollies with Friends.

It's all about being inspired by the show, rather than actually nurturing your obsession with it. Looking to the shows Valentine's Day episodes — “The One With The Candy Hearts” (Season 1, Episode 14), “The One With Unagi” (Season 6, Episode 17), and “The One With the Birthing Video” (Season 8, Episode 15) —we can start to plan our Friends-themed Valentine's. Could this be more romantic?

1. Give Your Crush An Egg

In "The One With The Candy Hearts" Ross is advised to return an egg he borrowed from his adorable neighbor as a pick up line. Which is pretty smooth. If you've got a crush on a Friends fan, give them an egg. If they get the reference, it was meant to be. If they're not a Friends fan and that doesn't bother you (DEAL BREAKER!) then do something similar, but personal. Pick a tiny innocuous thing that happened between you (a personal joke maybe?), and use it as your in!

2. Go Out On A Blind Date

And just pray it's not your nasal ex, Janice.

3. Have A Cleansing Bonfire

If you're single and somewhat bitter, get your best friends together and cleanse yourself of past relationships. Maybe don't start an actual bonfire in your house (unless you have a fire place), and definitely don't pour grappa on it, but you can at least have a symbolic fire, and just throw out all your old ex's crap.

4. Get Japanese

While Ross' Japanese food date was kind of disastrous — ending in him trying to talk Carol out of being a lesbian — yours needn't be as homophobic. Meanwhile, if you go out for sushi, you'll also be paying homage to another one of Friends' iconic episodes, "The One With Unagi".

5. Make The Presents

Make the presents, make the presents!

6. Get Nasty With A Sock Rabbit

It's weird, I know, but Monica and Chandler did it. And if you want to bring a little Monica and Chandler into the bedroom... Otherwise you could just do something weird and kinky you've been thinking about for a while. It's up to you (choose the puppet).

7. Make Some Extra Bucks Doing A Medical Study

If you're single and looking for an extra few bucks, do like Joey and spend your Valentine's weekend in a (safe) medical study. Or just volunteer to work extra days.

8. Foster A Dog

If you're feeling sad like Joey was in “The One With the Birthing Video”, foster a dog this Valentine's Day. It will enrich your life and help a pup in need as well. Just don't be like Joey and make the dog sad, too.

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