What's Caila Quinn Been Doing After 'The Bachelor'? She's Back At Work In Boston

Now that we're a good handful of episodes into The Bachelor Season 20, Ben Higgins has sent home a fair share of the contestants. But, of those remaining, every viewer watching at home likely has their picks for the season's main villain (whether you believe Olivia Caridi is the villain or someone else) and their favorites to win. An early frontrunner was Caila Quinn, the software sales representative from Boston, MA, who received the first one-on-one date. But, what has Caila been up to since The Bachelor wrapped up filming?

Of course, we don't know quite yet how long Caila stays on The Bachelor, but she has so far been on both a one-on-one date with Ben — which also featured Ride Along 2 stars Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, and the real star of the episode: The hot tub in the middle of a store — as well as a group date where she performed with the other ladies in a talent show. Will Caila and Ben's connection go the distance? Will she end up the winner of The Bachelor Season 20? Unfortunately, I don't have answers to these questions, but I can tell you a little bit about what the Bostonian has been up to since The Bachelor.

She Went Back to Boston

Since The Bachelor wrapped, Caila returned to her home in Boston and snapped this pic of the cityscape.

She's Back At Work

The contestant took some time off from work to be on The Bachelor, but, according to her LinkedIn profile, she returned to working at Reflexis Systems — and recently attended a corporate event that featured a psychic.

She's Hanging With Her Pup

Of course, returning home to Boston and her job also meant getting back to her Yorkie named Pasha. No matter how The Bachelor turns out, a dog's love is forever.

She's Keeping In Touch With Olivia

Caila and Olivia have talked on Twitter about Game of Thrones and the book Love Does by Bob Goff, trading their favorite passages.

She Knows The Struggle Is Real

If Caila seems relatable on The Bachelor, that's nothing compared to her commentary on Twitter. Whether it's listening to Serial or attempting to go to the gym, the Bostonian is living her life just like the rest of us: One struggle at a time.

She's Hanging Out With Leah

Like many previous Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants, Caila became friends with the other ladies hoping to win the main man's heart. Recently, she visited fellow Season 20 Bachelor contestant Leah Block and the two had some fun in the snow.

She's Killing It At Live-Tweeting The Bachelor

She may have only tweeted for the first time in December 2015, but Caila has gotten the hang of Twitter pretty quickly. Now, she adds her colorful commentary to The Bachelor each week on Twitter.

So, we may not know how close she gets to winning Ben's heart, but we know that once The Bachelor wrapped filming, she did get back to her normal Bostonian life — with some fun mixed in, of course!

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC