These 19 "Kiss It Better" Memes Are Golden

by Michelle Lulic

Following the Wednesday, January 27 release of Rihanna's latest album Anti on the music streaming site Tidal, fans immediately started to decide which songs off the album were their favorites. And, with the help of Twitter, the Internet quickly listed the song "Kiss It Better" as one of their top choices. The song's sexy, sultry lyrics make it one of the tracks off the new album that you're almost guaranteed to be singing along to by your third listen (and you'll probably be dancing to by the end of the first). So, what do you do when you hear a song you absolutely love? Well, you fill the Internet with hilarious gifs and memes about it, obviously. And these "Kiss It Better" memes will make you laugh out loud.

From simple posts of Rihanna jamming out, to some questionable takes on what the song is really talking about, how RiRi fans are handling the release of the song "Kiss It Better" could not get any clearer. And if you're still not sure how you feel about the '80s-sounding song, then maybe all it takes is a little help from a visual image to help you get an idea of how you might be feeling. Because, seriously, the Internet has no shortage of fan reactions, and the amazing tweets just keep on coming.

1. When You First Hear The Song

Praise! This is exactly what Rihanna fans have been waiting for.

2. Getting Dressed Following Listening To The Song

You just know that "Kiss It Better" is about to blow up in the clubs. So, get your insanely high heels ready...

3. When You're Trying To Be Sexy Like The Song

If only we were all just as sexy as RiRi, right?

4. How Dancing To The Song Should Be

"Kiss It Better" is both sexy and too much to handle all at the same time. This girl has got her dance moves down.

5. Or They're Just Feeling Some Type Of Way...

Honestly, though...

6. Really Feeling Some Type of Way

Only sexy visuals of Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal in Love & Other Drugs can explain.

7. This Fan Just Gave Up

How do you even function when a song like "Kiss It Better" has been released? That's the real question here.

8. When You Realize "Kiss It Better" Is Just One New Song

There's a whole entire album of new Rihanna music to enjoy.

9. Even North West Can't Handle It

Maybe North West was crying at all those fashion shows because she somehow knew that Rihanna was going to release this song? No?

10. These Kids Are Really Getting Into It...

If you're still awaiting your first kiss, I do not advise listening to "Kiss It Better" first.

11. But Then Your Favorite Part Comes On

Just when you think you're losing your excitement, the song picks right back up again.

12. There's No Room For Doubts

Remember when Glass John was seriously hyping this song? Now we understand why.

13. When You're Listening To The Song In Public

The single tear is simply the only way to handle it. There's no way to hold all this emotion in.

14. When You Know You've Found Your New Jam

"Kiss It Better" is the perfect theme song for walking down the street and feeling fly.

15. When You Realize You Need To Move On With Your Day

The song has you so completely drained, but you still need to function today... How?

16. Just... This.

Somehow this is the perfect explanation.

17. When Someone Just Doesn't Understand Your Excitement

If only you knew...

18. Maybe The Song's About Miley?

In the midst of all the song speculation, let's just remember that this happened once.

19. And Don't Forget... Rihanna Will Perform This Song On Tour

Imagine hearing "Kiss It Better" live? Yeah, that can happen.

So just put on the song again, have someone nearby hold your hand, and open Photoshop to add to the meme party this song has inspired. It's the least we can do for RiRi.