This 'Parks & Rec' Writer Is Your New Best Friend

A comedian being funny on Twitter isn't exactly rare. Twitter has become a place where established comedians can interact with fans on a daily basis and where comedy newcomers can find an audience. Joe Mande is somewhere in between, but there's something very unique about his Twitter.

If you're not familiar with Mande, he's a standup comedian and writer for Parks & Recreation and Kroll Show, both of which he's had small roles in. He wrote the Jan. 23 Parks episode "Farmer's Market" and has appeared in a few episodes as Morris, one of Pawnee's more apathetic citizens. But for someone who mostly works behind-the-scenes, Mande has really caught people's attention online. Mande has over 832,000 Twitter followers, more than former Parks writer and current Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Chelsea Peretti, who's also known for a hilarious Twitter, and even Parks star Chris Pratt. So what exactly are they following?

Besides his own funny tweets, Mande is the master of retweeting. Scroll through his Twitter and you'll see tons of retweets of all different people, both celebrities and fans, and it's hilarious. He's not retweeting jokes, he's turning the tweets into jokes just by drawing attention to them.

Mande's method varies. Sometimes he just RTs a celebrity who's said something weird.

Tweets that you probably would never have even noticed suddenly become hilarious, thanks to Mande. He doesn't only RT celebrities, though. Another favorite is corporate accounts, which become even funnier in bulk.

Sometimes Mande picks a sort of theme, like celebrity reactions to Nelson Mandela's death.

But the absolute best of Mande's retweets come from random people on Twitter. He'll go on an RT spree that shows just how ridiculous people can be. Here's an example, of people who believed the deaths of Brian on Family Guy and Paul Walker were connected.

If it wasn't for Mande, we never would've known about this #Illuminati conspiracy. But one of his best RT chains has to be from when Justin Bieber was arrested and revealed to have taken antidepressants. Apparently, it was the antidepressants part that upset a lot of Beliebers.

So thank you, Joe Mande, for sharing with us the best/worst that Twitter has to offer. Without you, we would've never known who to make fun of.

Image: JoeMande/Instagram