Uzo Aduba Takes Her Prom Date To The SAG Awards In A Sweet Full-Circle Moment — PHOTO

From her role as Crazy Eyes on Orange Is The New Black to her "White Horse" duet with Taylor Swift at the 1989 World Tour, there's a lot to love about Uzo Aduba. But her red carpet moment at the SAG Awards may officially take the cake. While she took home two trophies — including Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series and Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series — she totally deserves another: Outstanding Date at the SAG Awards. OK, so that's not a real category, but Aduba brought her high school prom date to the show and it was the absolute cutest. She posted side-by-side photos on Instagram with the following caption:

He asked me to the prom, I said yes. I asked him to SAGs, he said yes.

Despite the chilly temperature outside, my heart just melted into a gigantic puddle. Seriously, how sweet is that? It's such a full-circle moment that Aduba chose to bring her high-school pal. How many people can say they still keep in touch with their prom date, let alone brought them to a major award show? Probably not many, which makes it all the more special.

Check out the nostalgic moment for yourself:

Not for nothing, but these two really don't look like they've aged a bit since their teen years. While most people may cringe when looking back at old photos, Aduba and her date are just as stylish now as back then. The only difference is they've traded their corsages for a SAG trophy. Talk about a major upgrade.

When Aduba accepted her Outstanding Female Actor award, she gave a speech that could double as inspiration to the girl in that photo, aka High School Uzo. She said,

I would like to just take an opportunity to acknowledge the actors who are at home, not here in this room with us but hoping to one day be in this room with us, to continue to keep trying. To keep plugging, to keep working ... No matter if anyone tells you to get out of that line you are waiting in, stay in line — you have this.

Honestly, it's a reminder anyone can benefit from, as far as staying in line and continuing to chase your dreams. Congrats to Aduba on the wins — both individually and with the whole OITNB cast! Now if anyone needs me, I'll be in a corner wiping away happy tears from how sweet those photos are.