The Most Expensive Dates Happen In This U.S. City

Don't go to Austin if you're a penny pincher. A new survey from Match found that the most expensive city for dating is this liberal southern city, proving that everything is bigger in Texas, including the dinner check. The survey of 5,500 singles drew information from people of all ages, ethnicities, incomes and walks of life to paint a clear picture of what it's like to be single in America in 2016. This is not the first time that Match, which partnered with Research Now for the study, has obtained such results; rather, this is the sixth annual Singles in America survey, and promises that it is "the most comprehensive survey of American singles ever. Or at least until next year."

Though Round Rock, Texas, a suburb of Austin, was recently named the best affordable city in which to live in the entire country, its spendthrift cousin is notorious for being a pricey place to live. While Round Rock was bestowed with good tidings, Austin's rent was named the highest in the state. Here's just how much the average price of a date is in Austin, as well as nine other money-related statistics about dating in the United States right now.

1. A Date In Austin Costs Bank

The average cost of a date in Austin is $81.42, the Match study found. No word on specifics — this could just be a swanky dinner for two, or a modest dinner and the cost of two movie tickets, or a super cheap dinner plus movie tickets plus after-film drinks. Whatever the case may be, no corners are cut in Austin, and it's normal to spend close to a Benjamin on a date there.

2. Conversely, Portland Keeps Costs Low

The average date in Portland, Oregon, is $45.53, making this Pacific Northwest city the cheapest place to date in the country. In a city where the reigning local slogan is "Keep Portland Weird," money is perhaps not the biggest focus of dates. Also, the city itself is known for being inexpensive — a three-course meal for two at a midrange restaurant costs about $45, according to stats from Smart Asset. That explains the $45.53 price tag of the average date.

3. Nashville Men Pick Up The Check

If you're hoping to find a man who doesn't mind picking up a check, head to Nashville, Tennessee, where 47.1 percent of men pay for dates. Though the old norm of expecting a man to pick up the check has long been replaced with many heterosexual couples going Dutch on the first date, plenty of women still prefer men to pay the bill for dinner, buy the movie tickets and so on, at least in the beginning, found one Salon article. In it, the writer found that some women think of a man's willingness to pay as a signifier of interest. If that's true, almost half of Nashville men are gunning for another date.

4. In San Diego, You're Buying Dinner

Only 22.9 percent of men pay for dates in San Diego, California. If you date dudes and you feel most comfortable picking up the check, or splitting it, then San Diego just might be your jam. If, however, the oops-I-left-my-wallet-at-home routine rings stale to you, or you would prefer to not pay for your cortado on a coffee date, avoid this sunny city.

5. Jacksonville Is Very Fair

In Jacksonville, Florida, women pay for half of dates. Match's study found that women pay for 50 percent of dates overall, meaning that this city just might be the fairest of them all — at least when it comes to going halfsies.

6. Women Contribute In Fort Worth — But Don't Pay For Everything

In Fort Worth, Texas, women reported that the least they spent on a date overall was 23.8 percent of the cost of the fun. So, while men might be game to pay for a portion of the date, women tend to wind up springing for about a quarter of the price of a date.

7. Women Are Generous In Indianapolis

Men can get away with paying for almost nothing in Indianapolis, Indiana, where men said that, on average, the least they spent on a date was 4.5 percent of the overall cost. This sounds to me like a lot of guys said that the least they ever spend is zero percent, and a few said they often split the cost of a date, which bumped the average up to just below 5 percent. Whatever the case, Indianapolis is full of munificent women.

8. Head To Seattle For Free Dates

Just 34.1 percent of women report paying for dates in Seattle, Washington, which makes this city a boon for any single gal with a dinner check allergy. Perhaps there's a link between tech guys and willingness to pay for dinner: Seattle is notorious for its population full of tech peeps.

9. Republicans Like Fancy Food

If you're on a first date with a Republican and you're crossing your fingers for a second, be sure to hit an expensive restaurant. Match found that your chances of having a round two increase by 122 percent if your first date is a pricey establishment.

10. Men And Women Differ In Regard To Who Should Pay

Across the board, 50 percent of men and 36 percent of women think a man should cover the cost of a first date. Though those figures are fairly close, that means that some first dates will be a little awkward, until the couple can agree about who is going to fork over the money for the dinner bill.

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