Ashley Darby & Her Husband Defy Their Age Gap

by Marenah Dobin

Ashley Darby definitely stands out among the ladies on Real Housewives of Potomac. It's very obvious to anyone with eyes, that she is significantly younger than the rest of the cast. Plus, she wasn't even in the first episode, which indicates that Ashley was not always ingrained in this social circle. Even though this show is just in its first season, Ashley is already being hazed like the "new girl." Another interesting thing about Ashley, which has also come up on the show, is the age difference in her marriage. Ashley and her husband Michael Darby are 29 years apart. But don't judge a book by its cover or come to some outlandish assumptions when it comes to Mr. and Mrs. Darby. They are actually a super cute couple and there are Instagram photos of Ashley and Michael Darby to prove it.

RHOP is only just beginning, but it's pretty clear that Ashley is mature enough to hold her own among the more tenured crew. I mean, her Real Housewives tagline is "Throw this spring chicken into the cougars den and let the games begin" — she's ready! So, let's take a step back from the salacious discussion about the age difference and check out some photos of the cute couple.

Double Dating

The Darbys looked happy to spend time with Katie Rost and her boyfriend Andrew Martin.

Posing On The Red Carpet

Ashley and her husband posting on the red carpet for the RHOP premiere party.

Downing Shots

Michael Darby has no problem keeping up with Ashley when it comes to taking shots. How old is he again?

Walking Down The Aisle

You can really feel the love in this photo of the newly married couple.

Kissing At The Altar

Michael and Ashley definitely enjoyed their first kiss as husband and wife.

Enjoying Date Night

The happy couple was all smiles during a dinner date together.

Sight Seeing In Australia

Ashley and Mickey looked like they were enjoying their time together in his native country of Australia.

Opening Their Restaurant

The Darby's were proud to open their restaurant in Arlington. I wonder if this was the one where had the whiskey tasting for on the show.

Coordinating Outfits

Ashley and her husband matched their outfits pretty perfectly. It's unclear to me if they were at a Tokyo-themed event or if they were actually in Tokyo, but they do look cute.

Having Fun At Universal Studios

These two looked like kids on their way into the theme park. You can never be too old to enjoy an amusement park.

Looking Classy

Ashley may not be from Potomac, but she knows how to dress the part. She looks like a class act in this outfit.

Watching A Football Game

The duo enjoyed their time at a Washington and Seattle game. How sporty of them.

Keeping It Casual

The couple looked adorable in their casual sweater outfits. They don't need red carpets and other fancy events for a photo op.

Exploring Sydney

Once again, the Darbys looked super happy outside of the Sydney Opera House.

Posing For A Close-Up

Ashley and Michael commemorated the occasion of a friends' wedding with a selfie, of course.

Hugging & A Rainbow

This is pretty cute: a warm embrace and a rainbow in the background. How picturesque.

Working Out Together

Ashley and her husband were very couple-y working on their fitness together.

Age ain't nothing but a number for these two. They clearly have a great rapport and do a lot of fun things together, so the other women should stop judging their age gap and just support a happy relationship.