How Many Singles Have Had A Friend With Benefits

This week Match has released the results of the “most comprehensive national study of American singles,” in their sixth annual Singles in America survey. Match teamed up with biological anthropologist, Dr. Helen Fisher, to put together this massive report full of data that doesn’t just focus on dating practices, but how to make it to a second date, and, of course, sex.

Just over 5,000 singles in the United States were more than willing to answer the survey questions and share the intimacies of both their dating and sex life. Respondents were also asked to answer questions about how they court, how often they seek sex, and exactly where love and commitment come in, especially in a society so obsessed with sex. What it found was that not as many people you think want sex at the end of a first date, but 50 percent of both men and women can call a first date “good,” if it ends with a kiss.

But moving on from first dates, where things get a bit more complicated is when it comes to friends with benefits, one-night stands, and the dreaded, “What’s your number?” conversation. If you’re wondering where you measure up in these categories, here’s what the Singles in America study revealed about who singles are sleeping with.

1. A Lot Of People Don’t Have As Many Partners As You Think

Although no one should give a damn about your number, or even have the audacity to ask because your number is your business, the fact remains that the most of us do have a “number.” According to Match, 50 percent of singles have had six or less sexual partners.

2. The Majority Of People Have Had Less Than 15 Partners

While 50 percent of those singles surveyed have had sex with six or less partners, 75 percent have had less than 15 partners. I’m no mathematician, but based on that, we can deduce that the majority of people have a number that's somewhere between six and 15. Not that your number defines you, of course!

3. One-Night Stands Aren’t Always Just For One Night

There are many reasons why one should have a one-night stand. For starters, you’re taking a stand by flipping off gender stereotypes, you’re owning your sexuality, and you’re getting laid, among other positive aspects. But another reason why one-night stands can be really awesome is that they can evolve into a relationship. Yes! In fact, according to the Singles in America study, 25 percent of singles have had a one-night stand turn into legitimate relationships.

4. Almost Half Of People Have Had A FWB

Although I’m torn in regards to the “friends with benefits” relationship, because they can, at least in my experience end in heartache, they’re definitely more and more common. So common, in fact, that 46 percent of those surveyed have had a FWB at some point in their life. Hey, if it gets you off and you know you can do it without letting those strings of yours get attached, then go for it.

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