Most Single Women Have Achieved This In Bed

It doesn't stop at one orgasm for single women, says a new survey. A lot of single women— more than half— have have had multiple orgasms. Which I think is freaking amazing. Fifty-five percent of women have had multiple orgasms! Match released their annual Singles In America survey, which covers everything about our sex and dating habits— from how we prepare for a first date, to number of sexual partners, to politics and dating, and naturally, orgasms.

It makes sense. We should stop thinking as multiple orgasms as some unreachable goal, when in reality it's pretty much the opposite of that for plenty of women. As Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams explains "women don't require a refractory period like men do, so we're able to stay aroused for longer and have an orgasm a second and third time with little effort." So we're basically made to orgasm again and again. So next you finish, know that it doesn't have to end there. It's something lesbians have known for basically forever.

I learned a lot more about sex and orgasms from the survey, here are a few of the juiciest bits, from how many of us are dreaming about hooking up with an ex to who's really having threesomes.

1. A Third Of Us Dream About Sex With An Ex

That's right— 33 percent of dream of getting down and dirty with someone who's not in our lives any more. But for a lot of us, that dream is fulfilled, as 25 percent have actually gone back and hooked up with an ex.

2. Threesomes Aren't Just For The Young Ones

Compared to millennials, baby boomers are actually 53 percent more likely to have a threesome. They're also way more likely to have a one night stand on vacation, so millennials may need to up their adventurous side.

3. It's Not Just Women Who Can't Finish

We may think of not being able to orgasm as a strictly female thing, but three percent of men have never orgasmed from sex. Three percent may not seem like a huge amount, but considering we act like men orgasm every time you look at them it's pretty surprising.

4. And We've Got Some Amateur Pornographers

And just for fun, it turns out 16 percent of women would be open to making a sex tape, if that's what you're into. Although it turns out you're way more likely if you're a millennially and, weirdly, far more likely if you're a Trump supporter, rather than a Clinton supporter.

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