7 Times Zenon Was Total Hair & Accessories Goals

Long before I discovered fashion magazines, I got my style inspiration from The Disney Channel, and no movie was more iconic than Zenon, Girl of The 21st Century. I have a feeling I'm not alone in this one, and even if you don't want to admit it, there were plenty of fashion and hair trends from Zenon that you totally stole. I mean, she was the equivalent of a Hollywood model of the moment It girl back then, and there were some pretty stellunarious looks in that movie worthy of emulating...

Granted, Zenon's fashion was a little bit harder to steal given that it was full of bright, clashing, neon colors, spandex, and holographic mini skirts (that's not to say you totally didn't try, anyway, though), but the hairstyles were definitely a little bit more, shall I say, appropriate for venturing out in public. And this movie had no end to totally mega stellar looks that were actually easy enough to recreate yourself at home.

In case you've forgotten, or are maybe just a little bit in denial, let's revisit some of the hair styles and accessories from Zenon that you totally rocked back in the day.

1. High, Half-Up Pigtails

This was my go-to look for the majority of elementary school. It was way cooler than the full pigtails my mom used to do for me, because I wasn't a kid anymore! Leaving your hair down in the back was totally ~grown up~.

2. Blue & Pink Hair Ties

Matching was lame.

3. Space Buns

Zenon did it before Miley did.

4. Curly Ribbons

You totally tied curly ribbons in your hair because it was edgy. Sleek, satin ribbons were for dorks. You were cooler than that.

5. Disc Earrings

You probably went pirate-style and only wore one, dangling earring for a while after this movie came out.

6. Hair Slinkies

Actual slinkies were definitely harmed in the recreation of Nebula's hairstyle.

7. Messy Bun

Zenon, the originator of the messy bun. Also, you totally tried looking as if you #wokeuplikethis at every sleepover that year.

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Images: Disney