The Must-See Super Bowl Commercial Of 2016

From the halftime show to the commercials to the game itself, everybody has a different reason for tuning into the Super Bowl. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the commercials (and the game day snacks, of course). During the period of time that most people schedule their bathroom breaks, I'm firmly glued to my couch, seeing what ads made the cut. From Drake's "Hotline Bling" T-Mobile ad to Heinz Ketchup's ad filled with Dachshunds, this year's ads have been pretty impressive. But there's one stand-out Super Bowl moment that you need to see — and nope, I don't mean Beyoncé's halftime performance (although that was undeniably amazing). The must-watch commercial of 2016 is the #DefyLabels ad from Mini Cooper.

Even if you were strictly there for the football, you can spare 30 seconds to watch this clip. It's worth it, I promise! In the ad, a diverse group of individuals — including tennis champ Serena Williams and soccer star Abby Wambach — convey the idea that they're more than just any label people may give them. Williams says, "This is a chick car." Meanwhile, Wambach says, "This is a gay car" as she makes air quotes.

Other stereotypes uttered throughout the ad include "cute car," "short person's car," and "this car ain't hip hop." Obviously, it doesn't make sense to label a car in those ways, which is exactly why the ad ends with the following message: "This is a car that doesn't give a damn what you call it." The concept applies to human beings, as well.

It's easily the year's best ad because it tackles stereotypes and spreads an empowering message. Fans on Twitter agreed about the commercial's impact.

Check out the powerful ad for yourself:

See what I mean? Such an important message! Plus, the fact that it features two badass female athletes makes it even better.

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Image: MINI USA/YouTube