13 Totally Outdated Outfits From 'All That'

If you grew up watching Nickelodeon in the late '90s or early '00s, chances are you remember All That , the live comedy sketch show that launched the careers of Amanda Bynes, Nick Cannon, and Kenan Thompson. Though lots of All That sketches are still funny today, a large part of the lingering charm is the outdated fashion on the show.

Sure, it's impossible to forget characters like Thompson's Pierre Escargot or that kid with the comically oversized ears who was literally called "Ear Boy." Those sketches were my childhood, man. But re-watching clips from the show now, I'm struck by the totally old-school looks, and those outfits are what really tug at my nostalgic heartstrings. The overalls and furry hair accessories bring back memories of being an early 2000s tween who longed to wear butterfly clips to school. Plus, some of the outfits are so outlandish in retrospect that they make me laugh even harder at the already completely absurd and hilarious sketches.

All That was a colorful world where the burgers were all good, and the outfits (though outdated) reflect that. So, ready yet? It's 13 totally outdated looks from All That that will simultaneously make you cringe, laugh, and become totally envious of the teen cast members' on-point style from back in the day.

1. The Opening Credits

The outdated fashion starts at the very top, as soon as that unforgettable theme song begins playing, with the cast's totally '90s outfits. Just look at this bunch! There's so much acid-washed denim, from high-waisted jeans to overalls, and so many oversized T-shirts for the dudes.

2. "The Inconvenience Store"

Sure, Nick Cannon and Kenan Thompson were playing larger-than-life characters in this sketch, but these costumes were some of the most outlandish at the time and totally outdated now. Just look at all that baby blue marabou trim.

3. "Bridgett's Slumber Party"

I know that these are just costumes, but seriously, what's with all the marabou? There's something about these fur-trimmed sweaters and flouncy hair accessories that look like they would belong in Clueless. Like, if Cher Horowitz was a cheerleader, she probably would've worn this. Also, take note of Bridgett's extra-high, half-up ponytail, accented with a couple of well-placed curls that are so '90s.

4. "Vital Information" With Lori Beth Denberg

Lori Beth Denberg's stone cold delivery of the evening's "Vital Information" was one of the show's most memorable recurring sketches. And though her uniform — usually an olive green button-up shirt, paired with some kind of vest — lent her some gravitas at the time (because who else was wearing a vest on All That except for an authority figure?), it now looks like it could've been pulled straight from a thrift store. A bad embroidered vest doesn't make her one-liners any less hilarious today.

5. Tia And Tamera Mowry Go To "Good Burger"

Though All That might not have seemed like a heavy-hitter in terms of comedy, the show still managed to draw some major '90s celebrities as guests, like Tia and Tamera Mowry, who showed up at Good Burger in matching mom jeans and satin T-shirts covered in a shiny butterfly print.

6. This Girl At "Good Burger"

Apparently Good Burger was where all the stylish kids on All That went to hang out. From her backwards baseball cap and round, plastic sunglasses to her denim overalls and mini backpack, this girl is the peak of '90s cool kid fashion.

7. Britney Spears On "Know Your Stars"

"Know Your Stars" was an opportunity to get to know your stars, kind of. Britney Spears' appearance on the segment proved her sense of humor and her ability to be a good sport, even when she's being called half-ravioli. It also showed off her early '00s fashion sensibilities with that red and black striped T-shirt and its lace-up detailing.

8. Amanda Bynes On "Know Your Stars"

That satin-like material. That draping. Even that shade of blue. Everything about Amanda Bynes' top just screams '00s teen fashion.

9. The Spice Girls In A Classroom

Remember that one time when All That somehow convinced the Spice Girls to be in a sketch? Well, that happened, and the girls are fairly casual, all things considered. Scary Spice is rocking a crop top and cargo pants, while Posh is wearing a simple yet still some totally '90s black dress.

10. Amanda's Bucket Hat

Not only is Amanda inexplicably lifting weights in the green room of All That, but she's also wearing one of those icons of '90s fashion: the bucket hat. I'm also pretty sure I wore the same sweater set for picture day in fifth grade.

11. Amanda's Leopard Bucket Hat

Another sketch, another bucket hat for Amanda Bynes — though this one comes in a furry leopard and is paired with a matching skirt. Christy Knowings' matching sweater set and shiny, velour skirt make her look like she's straight out of the Delia's catalog, which makes for an enviable look, if you're a tween in the late '90s.

12. "Whateverrr!" With (A Cardboard Cutout Of) Brad Pitt

Really, the ladies of "Whateverrr!" slayed the fashion game every time they showed up on the screen. And how could they not? Amanda's tangle of braids on top of her otherwise sleek hair is the kind of edgy hairstyle I longed to rock when I was in middle school, but had neither the technical ability nor the guts to attempt.

13. Carlee And Marlee On "Trashin' Fashion"

It's only to be expected that the outfits worn by the hosts of a skit called "Trashin' Fashion," in which two girls critique and insult their peers' looks, would be the pinnacle of teen fashion at the time, and Carlee and Marlee did not disappoint. Carlee, also known as Jamie Lynn Spears, really has all of the trends down, including the extra-high pigtails, a fluffy hair accessory, and, perhaps in the most outdated nod to Avril Lavigne yet, an oversized tie over her T-shirt and plaid skirt. Meanwhile, Marlee, played by Lisa Foiles, is accessorizing her scarf-printed skirt with a tattoo choker necklace and some fierce lace gloves.

Sure, the clothes and accessories are outdated, but All That was late '90s and early '00s teen comedy at its finest. These days, the outfits are as much a part of the memories as any sketch.

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