How To Celebrate Valentine's Day In A Long-Distance Relationship

For many, long-distance relationships are difficult enough. But nothing makes you feel the distance of being in an LDR more than when February 14 arrives. While celebrating Valentine's Day takes a lot of effort to plan in itself for couples who do live close by, planning the day takes a different kind of effort when you are living far apart. So, how do you spend Valentine's Day when you're in a long-distance relationship?

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, there are 14 million couples who say they are currently in long-distance relationships. Couples in LDRs live an average of 125 miles away from each other, and try to visit each other an average of 1.5 times per month.

Friends and family may even discourage you against it because the distance can inevitably take a toll. Sure, it may get complicated and lonely at times, especially when a couples-centered holiday like Valentine’s Day arrives. But just because you’re miles away from your other half, it doesn’t mean you can’t experience all Valentine’s Day has to offer. You just need to be a little more creative. Here’s how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re in a long distance relationship.

1. Plan Some Pre V-Day Surprises

Planning pre-Valentine’s Day surprises can be fun and make the days leading up to it feel a little less lonely. Let’s be honest, when you’re surrounded by everything love-related pretty much everywhere you go, the loneliness tends to kick in since you’re not physically with the one you love.

You can try going old-school and mail letters—yes, I’m talking snail mail—to your S.O. the days before. Write a love letter outlining your feelings for them or even send them photos of the two of you. We live in a time where technology makes everything quick and easy. But nothing beats taking the time out to physically handwrite your feelings on paper. It’s fun, surprising, and a nice change of pace.

2. Start In The Morning

Be the first person your S.O. hears from on the morning of. You can wake them up to the sound of your voice with a call in the morning. You can try FaceTiming them and you can both have breakfast in bed together. But if circumstances don’t allow you to do that, you can always send them a sweet text or a Facebook message greeting them and telling them how you feel. That’s sure to keep a smile on their face the entire day.

3. Send Your Love A Care Package

Show your partner that you care by surprising them with a box of their favorite things. Bonus points if those things remind them of you! It could be anything, like treats that you can only find locally or even a clothing item with your favorite fragrance on it. It can also be something that they mentioned liking to you in passing. It doesn’t matter. Sending your partner something that’s special and meaningful to just the two of you will be a great way to show them that you care.

4. There’s Always Flowers And Other Special Deliveries

Sending flowers via a delivery person is a classic option for couples. But there are so many other alternatives you can try. For instance, you can try ordering them their favorite meal from a take-out place they really like, get some Valentine-themed baked goods from a local bakery, or even order them a pizza with pepperoni decorated in the shape of a heart. It’s Valentine’s Day: It automatically gives you an excuse to be super cheesy. Word to the wise, just be sure they’ll be there to actually receive it.

5. Keep It Thoughtful And Meaningful

Couples in long-distance relationships need to work extra hard to be there for each other even when they’re miles a part. It’s one thing for a couple who lives together to be there for each other when times are rough, but it’s another when you’re across the country.

Send your partner a package or a series of letters to open at specific times. For example, give them a letter to open “when you’re down” or “when you’re stressed” or even “when you’re in the mood.” In each letter, you can personalize it in a way to that can help get them through whatever it is they're dealing with. Visuals are also great additions, especially when they're feeling like they need a little sexy time.

6. Movie Date Night

Valentine’s Day is all about spending some time with the one you love. Watching movies is a great way to do that. Pick a movie to watch at the same time and use whatever message system you like to chat with each other throughout the film or after.

7. Dinner Date Via Skype

Similar to watching a movie with your significant other, plan a dinner date together. If you want to go super romantic, make it a romantic candlelit dinner. If you just want to stick to pizza, that’s A-OK, too.

8. End The Night Talking

If your partner isn’t the first person you hear waking up, at least them be the last person you hear before going to bed. Talk about your day, talk about your lives, pretty much talk about anything. After all, long-distance relationships can only survive with excellent communication.

9. Surprise Trip!

Lucky for all of us, Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend this year. If circumstances allow, surprise your partner by showing up unexpectedly. If you want, try to make it fun for them. For instance, send them on a scavenger hunt. Pick spots and clues that hold special significance to your relationship, and at the end, they’ll find you waiting for them. Like I said, it’s Valentine’s Day. Be as cheesy and romantic as you like.

10. Celebrate All The Holidays You Missed When You See Each Other Again

If you can’t celebrate the day together, who says you have to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14? When you do finally see each other in person, spend all the holidays you missed together—Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Groundhog Day, whatever. Just make a big celebration out of everything. After all, you’re finally together.

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