9 Apps To Download If You're Celebrating Valentine's Day Away From Your Partner

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Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to go out of your way to show your special someone that you care. Sometimes this can mean a romantic candlelit dinner and sometimes it's a movie-night with takeout. Though you can't do these things as easily in a long-distance relationship, you still have options if you're willing to get creative. In fact, there are apps that long-distance couples can use on Valentine's Day, no matter how many miles away they are.

A study conducted in 2018 by KIIROO, an Amsterdam-based interactive sex toy company, found that in a group of 1,000 people who had been in long distance relationships, 58% of the relationships lasted. And while all of the participants mentioned some of the difficulties that come along with their relationships, more than half said that the distance made them feel closer to their partner. So while your Valentine's Day may be more difficult and consist of you longing for your partner more than usual, that doesn't mean it can't be a good one. Even if you celebrate in an unorthodox way, you can have just as much fun as any other couple on this special day of love — even if it takes just a little bit more effort.

Here are nine apps you can download if you're celebrating Valentine's Day from a distance this year.


Want a movie night where you can be sure one of you won't get to the good part before the other? Rave is an app you and your partner can download for a romantic Valentine's Day movie date. You can both stream a movie, listen to music, or watch videos at the exact same time as your partner. The best part? Whenever one of you pauses or rewinds the movie, it pauses and rewinds for the other person as well, ensuring that you two are watching the same scene at all times. Plus, you can use the app to text and voice call so that you can discuss the movie as if you were watching it right next to each other.


According to the KIIROO study, the biggest complaint people in long distance relationships had was the lack of physical intimacy. And while this can be difficult on any day, it can be especially upsetting on Valentine's Day. But it doesn't have to be. We-Connect is an app that uses We-Vibe products (which you'll have to buy separately) and lets long distance couples have some physical fun even from far away. All you have to do is connect your We-Vibe sex toy to both you and your partner's app and then one of you will be able to control the other's toy from a distance. Use different modes to control the speed, intensity, and duration to make Valentine's Day extra sexy this year.

Happy Couple

Spend this Valentine's Day getting to know your partner better, even from a distance. The Happy Couple app lets you and your partner take cute and creative quizzes about each other to learn more about one another. From questions about secret hobbies to feelings about different aspects of the relationship, Happy Couple can let you and your partner feel more connected even while being long distance.

Marco Polo

Sometimes it's not just the distance that makes long distance relationships difficult. It could be the different timezones and schedules as well. So if your Valentine's Day is going to be harder to celebrate because of schedule conflicts, you can make the best of the situation by just trying to stay in contact as much as you can. Marco Polo is an app specifically made for people with opposite schedules so that they can stay in contact. The app is kind of like a personal Snapchat (with only videos) for just you and your boo. You and your partner can send each other cute videos back and forth to keep the spark going without interrupting each other's day. You can send a loving video to start off their day and they can send one back maybe by the time you get to lunch.


Valentine's Day is all about the little things. And when you're in a long distance relationship, sometimes the "little things" are all you can manage. Add another cute aspect to the day by downloading the LokLok app and having your partner do the same. With this app, you and your partner can draw cute little doodles that show up on each other's lock screens throughout the day. Whether you want to write out a cute "good morning" note or send something funny throughout the day, the little unexpected exchanges between you and your partner are sure to keep you both smiling and thinking of each other all day.


Foreplay can happen from a distance. You can download the iPassion app to have access to different fun and sexy quizzes that'll help you and your partner get to know each other better and excite you while doing it. With different questions about sexual preferences and favorite kinks, the app makes it easier to find things out about your partner you might not have otherwise known. Plus, the conversations you're bound to have about the questions will make the next time you see each other even more exciting.


If you want to surprise your boo with a customized Valentine's Day card, you can use Postagram to send the perfect one. The app allows you to use photos from either your Instagram, Facebook, or Camera Roll and put them onto different styles of postcard templates. You can write small messages on them and then for just $2 ($3 for international) your postcard can be mailed out to your significant other. And if you're both especially used to virtual communication, this will be a really sweet change of pace.


This Valentine's Day, you and your long distance partner can make the commitment to work on your relationship. Being long distance can put a lot of strain on couples, and the Lasting app can help relieve some of the tension. The app pushes you in the right direction by asking you questions about what's important in your relationship and comes up with prompts to raise those key components to your partner. While Lasting was created as a "marriage health app," any couple can use it to get closer to their partner. And even if both of you are perfectly content, there's always room to improve communication and understand one another better.


OK, this one isn't all that shocking — but it is important! Sometimes, the best thing you can do to make your Valentine's Day special is to sit (virtually) face-to-face with your partner and just talk about your day and how you miss them. The Skype app isn't the only video-chatting app out there, but it is a classic ( and Trey Songz has a song called "Flights & Skype" so it wins). Plus, you can always amp up a Valentine's Day Skype call with a little good ole-fashioned phone sex.

No matter what you and your long-distance partner do this Valentine's Day, it's important to remember that it takes effort and willingness to make things work.