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21 Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Long-Distance Partner (& Yourself)

Feel closer than ever.

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Celebrate Valentine's Day by sending your long-distance partner a gift.
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While you'd probably give anything to see your partner in person, sending them a Valentine's Day gift meant for long-distance couples and watching them open it via Zoom or Facetime can also be exciting if you can’t be together this year. If you've been in a long-distance relationship for any length of time, then you're no stranger to this kind of date — and you know it can still feel special.

That said, being in a long-distance relationship on Valentine's Day can be tough, especially when your social media is brimming with pictures of other couples celebrating by eating dinner together, kissing, cuddling, etc.

But that's what makes this list extra intriguing. You can always send each other the classic Valentine's Day gifts of chocolate, wine, or flowers. But you might want to check out the various nifty products that exist specifically for long-distance relationships, too. In one way or another, they're meant to help you feel just as connected as any other couple — even when you're states, or oceans, apart.

Whether it's personalized artwork that helps remind you of a special moment, or something tech-y, like a vibrating bracelet that allows you to "buzz" each other whenever you want, read on for 21 Valentine's Day gift ideas for long-distance couples, and find one that's perfect for your relationship.

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The Perfect Body Butter

Treat your partner to an at-home spa night on Valentine's Day by sending them a personalized skincare kit from buttah. by Dorian Renaud, and encouraging them to relax.

Choose from one of the shop's Buttah Skin Bars — either the Black Gold Polishing Bar or the Oatmeal Shea Cleansing Bar — then add in your choice of body wash and whipped body butter.


A Cute Way To Communicate

Friendship Lamps — or, since it's Valentine's Day, let's go ahead and call them “relationship lamps” — offer a pretty magical way to communicate with someone far away.

Once connected to Wi-Fi, all you have to do is touch your lamp to make your partner's lamp change color. When they see it glow, they'll know you're thinking about them.

You can find other types of touch-activated lamps at Uncommon Goods and Amazon.


Scents From Home

If your partner will only be away for a short while, send them a candle from Homesick, so they don't feel too, well, homesick. Choose from locations like Pennsylvania, which smells like butter, rum, vanilla, and chocolate. Or Puerto Rico, which smells like coffee, mango, salt, and ocean air.

You can also choose from scents that smell of a Valentine's Day-worthy moment, like "Date Night" or "Love Letters."

Find other candles that smell like your favorite locations on Etsy.


A Special Wine

Pour a glass of sparkling wine from this California winery, which is owned and operated by Robin and Andréa McBride and focused on closing the gender and race gap in leadership positions in male-dominated fields. This particular variety offers pineapple, melon, and floral aromas, as well as tart bubbles. What could be better than that?


A Bunch Of Flowers

You might not be able to give your partner flowers in person, but you can still send them a bouquet via Lee's Flower Shop, which ships nationwide from Washington, DC.

The shop offers other options — like the classic dozen red roses — but there's something so pretty about this particular design, which features roses, lilies, and hydrangeas.


Personalized Keychains

Want a cute little reminder of your love, that you'll literally take everywhere? Then go for a personalized keychain. Choose your states or countries, where you want the heart to appear, and Karen and Kaitlin from the Etsy shop MotherDaugtherJewel will do the rest.

You can other types of long-distance keychains at Walmart and Amazon.


The Story Of Your Relationship

When making a Book of Us, you'll choose the book cover and pages, customize your little characters, and fill in the blanks to tell the story of your relationship. You could tell the tale of how you met, or detail a first date gone wrong. It'll make for a funny gift on Valentine's Day, as well as a nice memento in the future.

If you have writers’ block or want something more visual, you can also make a photo book of your relationship or a recent trip using Google Photos, Shutterfly, or Snapfish.


A Truly Stunning Candle

Looking for a unique gift? This beautiful candle is sultry — and completely hand-crafted in Brooklyn, NY. It's made of a 100% organic mixture of beeswax and soy wax and is unscented. (Perfect if your partner is sensitive to smells.)

They can keep it on their bookshelf and admire it for years, thinking of you every time they see it, or burn it and watch as it melts and transforms.


A Fun Project

Feeling old-time-y? Then send each other snail mail all year long with this letter writing kit from Uncommon Goods.

It comes with 52 foil cards and printed envelopes that say things like "You Matter To Me" and "Just Wanted To Say Hello," plus a journal to record personal thoughts. And for extra Valentine's Day romance, make a promise to re-read your letters and journal entries this time next year.

You can also try Letters To My Love, which features 12 prompted love notes.


Unique Art Work

For a super unique Valentine’s Day gift, send a star chart from Under Lucky Stars. You'll choose the design, indicate a special date and location — like the night you met, or a favorite vacation — and add in text. And just like that, your partner will receive a star map depicting the night sky on that exact occasion.


A Daily Reminder

This wooden box, from the Etsy shop WoodenGiftsBox, is filled with 10 personalized hearts that spell out all the reasons why you love your partner.

Go nuts with inside jokes, or take it seriously and send sweet messages. Either way, your partner will love opening the box every day and reading a heart.

As an alternative to hearts, you can also send sweet messages to your partner via puzzle form.


Satisfy Their Sweet Tooth

If your partner loves all things sugary, send them a bunch of cookies from the famed Milk Bar, which Bon Appétit magazine called “one of the most exciting bakeries in the country.”

This particular batch includes a dozen truffles and a dozen cookies in an assortment of flavors, like cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow and chocolate confetti.

If they’re more of a chocolate chip cookie fanatic, consider Levain Bakery’s Two Chip Cookie Gift Boxes, which include four, eight, or 12 of their iconic thick cookies.


A Way To Get To Know Each Other (Even) Better

If you're looking for a fun project to keep you feelin' close — even though you're far apart — check out this book by Maggie Reyes. It offers 400 prompts that'll get you both talking, including open-ended questions about dreams, passions, and relationship goals. Start by answering a question on Valentine's Day, and then work through the book, at your own pace, for the rest of the year.

As an alternative, you can also get them Esther Perel’s game Where Should We Begin.


Vibrating Bracelets

This bracelet set from Uncommon Goods connects you and your partner via an app, but in a way that's much more interesting than your usual texts and snaps. Get this: If you touch your bracelet, theirs will light up and vibrate. And vice versa.

The top-rated bracelets are waterproof, so you literally never have to take them off (except to charge). And they come in colors like Twilight Blue and Pink Sand, so you can choose one that matches your partner's style.


Striking Jewelry

If you can't celebrate Valentine's Day without eyeballing jewelry, then take a look at this beautifully simple bracelet from Atomic Gold. Choose your partner's first initial, or a meaningful number, and a custom piece will be created just for them.

If bracelets aren’t their thing, try an initial necklace from Kendra Scott or Nordstrom.


A Book Club Subscription

Since you already recommend books to each other, why not go ahead and treat your partner to a book subscription from Book of the Month? Choose from the various plans — like three months for $49.99 — and get one of your own. Then set a date to discuss each story, book club-style.


Send Assorted Chocolates

If you and your partner agree Valentine's Day is pretty much meaningless without chocolate, head on over to Godiva for this 12-piece heart tin, which includes assorted chocolate truffles in three flavors: Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Caramel, and Dark Chocolate Strawberry.

You can find other heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolate at Venchi and See’s Candies.


A Long-Distance Vibrator

Want to treat your partner on Valentine's Day (wink wink)? Then send them this Bluetooth -controlled vibrator from We-Vibe. If you're feeling splurge-y, get one for yourself, too, so you can both have a good time. Once you download the We-Connect app, you'll be able to send your partner "deep powerful vibrations" in a variety of customized patterns. How hot is that?

Find more long-distance toy options here.


The Perfect Way To Get Cozy

If your partner misses cuddling at night, send them a weighted blanket, like this one from Luna. It offers 12 pounds of evenly-distributed weight, which Luna says helps stimulate the release of serotonin, increases melatonin, and reduces cortisol — all good things for long-distance partners.

Is your partner someone who gets really hot when they sleep? No worries, because this blanket also has "airflow channels" to help keep them cool.


Chocolate Covered Pretzels

These cookies and pretzels, from Cheryl's Cookies, look a-mazing. The 10-piece option comes with: five Large Deluxe Pretzels, three Buttercream Frosted Cut Out Cookies, one Buttercream Frosted Cut Out Cookie With Confection Disk, and one Fudge Buttercream Frosted Chocolate Cookie — all arranged in a cute box.

For other chocolate-covered pretzel options, try this assortment from Harry and David.


Dinner Date

Send your partner a gift card from a meal delivery service, like Home Chef, HelloFresh, or Blue Apron, and spend the holiday making dinner together. Simply prop up your laptop, hop on Zoom, and act like you're hanging out in person. Because even though you're far apart, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy Valentine's Day dinner together.

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