5 Struggles All Polly Pocket Owners Understand

by Megan Grant

If you were a '90s kid, then you most likely adored Polly Pocket growing up. I sure did — I had 'em all. And if you loved them as much as I did, then you can definitely relate to certain familiar struggles that all Polly Pocket owners understand. Nothing beat the toys of the '90s, and they generally brought us overwhelming happiness; however, I will never forget the anger, the fury, the madness... when I couldn't find Barbie's other shoe. The absolute sorrow, the loneliness, the depression... when my Play-Doh dried out. The unbearable sense of dread and hopelessness... the day Mom said no to Moon Shoes. Life was so hard.

Polly was there for me through thick and thin, through the good and bad. She was there the day I got bangs and then cried afterward. She was there the day Jimmy farted in school and blamed it on me. (I swear on my life, it was Jimmy.) She was there the day I spilled an entire can of YooHoo on myself during lunch. Polly was one of my best friends. Regardless, there are a few sour memories that I don't think I'll ever be able to shake.

1. When You Lost A Piece

This is beyond aggravating. You cannot tell the full story without every piece and every doll. Completely unacceptable. The only thing worse than this was...

2. When You Lost Polly

WTF am I supposed to do now? Without Polly, it's not Polly Pocket anymore. It's just Pocket. Nobody wants that. It's like going to a Rihanna concert only to find out Rihanna isn't there.

3. When They Were Too Big Or Misshapen To Actually Fit In Your Pocket Or Purse

Some of the Polly Pocket sets did, quite literally, fit into your pocket. There was even Polly Pocket jewelry, for the '90s gal on the go. But don't get me started on the star-shaped Polly Pocket compact. That one could only travel by suitcase.

4. When Polly Pocket Came To Life

I'm the biggest PP fan. But seriously, guys — what in the bloody hell is this?

5. When Polly Pocket Got Bigger

The original, teenie weenie Polly Pockets were sold by Bluebird Toys. Then Mattel came out with a new version, adding another one to two inches to the dolls. You can't make Polly Pocket bigger. The whole point is she's supposed to fit in your pocket. Another couple of inches and we'd have to call her Polly Duffel Bag.

Images: David Paul Morris/Getty Images; Giphy (3)