14 Things That Annoyed Us In the '90s

by Megan Grant

Growing up as a '90s child was arguably one of the greatest things in the world; but the '90s also had ways to annoy you beyond words. While I mainly remember getting the coolest toys for Christmas and having an extensive collection of Milky Pens, I also remember the fury I experienced upon discovering that someone had ripped the head off of one of my Barbie dolls. To this day, I still haven't found the culprit. (Luckily, they reattach fairly easily.)

It never ceases to blow my mind how much things have changed since I was a kid. I see the youngsters of today playing with their iPhones and hoverboards, wanting to purchase the newest apps and open Instagram accounts, and I'm all, "Where are the Pogs? Where are the Tamagotchis?" To be honest, I'm not quite sure kids today could have survived the '90s. What would they think of VCRs and dial-up? We were a special breed, indeed — tough, determined, and willing to wait however long it took to connect to the Internet. Every '90s kid remembers these irritating things about growing up in the decade that trump all others.

1. When Your Skip-It Hit You In The Shin

In a fit of anger, you'd try to kit it off your foot... and then hit yourself again.

2. When Your Mr. Sketch Markers Dried Out

And sniffing regular markers just gave you a headache. (Pro tip: Don't sniff markers, kids.)

3. When Your Casette Player Ate One Of Your Tapes

So you'd try to roll it back up, subsequently ruining the tape indefinitely.

4. When Barbie Was Missing One Of Her Shoes

Did she lose it at the club? Was she drunk? No clue. But it was a special day when you could find both of Barbie's heels.

5. When Your Annoying Little Brother Cut The Hair Off Your Troll Dolls

What's the point of having a troll doll if you can't run its fluffy, soft hair through your fingers?

6. When You Had To Wait For Someone Else To Get Off The Phone

The times your mom was having a marathon call with her bestie were the absolute worst.

7. Getting Hair Stuck In Your Gak

And once it set up residency, it never left.

8. When The Guess Who? Cards Wouldn't Stay In Their Plastic Frames

They'd bend at the corners and come popping out. Who has time for this?

9. Misplacing Your Polly Pocket Pieces

I had two friends growing up, one of which was Polly. You can imagine my disappointment when I'd go to her house and she wouldn't be there.

10. When Your Playmobil House Came Apart

This was, without a doubt, the most gorgeous toy of the '90s. Look at it. Look at it. Why, oh why, did the roof always pop off?

11. Cat's Cradle, Because Yours Never Came Out Right

The grand finale was always a pile of yarn on the floor. Those kids in the book made it look way easier than it was.

12. When Slap Bracelets Actually Hurt

Some people are more sensitive than others, all right?

13. Never Measuring Up To Bop It

The faster it got, the higher your blood pressure. And when you finally blew it, you'd chuck the toy across the room and cry uncontrollably.

14. Your Mom Not Letting You Have Moon Shoes

Concerned parents worried of twisted ankles. Looking back... I'm not as suprised.

Images: vicenfoto/Fotolia; Giphy (10)