Lucas Could Be Under That New 'PLL' Mask

After seeing those old black hoodies get tossed out, we knew it was only a matter of time until Pretty Little Liars introduced a new Uber A uniform, however, I never suspected that the disguise would be in the form of a creepy old man mask. (Gotta love this series for its constant ability to surprise us.) But now that we've seen it "out in the field," so to speak, the next logical question we should be asking is: who is underneath the old man mask? The suspect list for Uber A's identity seems to be growing longer and longer by the day, so it's hard to know who exactly to point the finger at. (Welcome to Rosewood, where shady residents are never in short supply!) That being said, I'm tempted to go out on a limb and predict that Lucas is the one wearing the old man mask on PLL .

Let's consider the facts. We know that Lucas told Hanna that he was going out of town on business, which means he's given enough evidence to explain his absence without providing any sort of concrete alibi. That alone is a definite red flag that not all is as it appears and makes you wonder if maybe he didn't leave Rosewood at all. One of the text messages that the Liars received from this new Big Bad stated that he or she doesn't lurk in the shadows, but rather hides in plain sight, suggesting that this is someone that's fully integrated into the girls' lives. Lucas more than fits that criteria.

It's also worth mentioning that Lucas appears to be doing very well for himself these days as he so willingly bragged to Hanna during one of their chats. He claims to be a successful game app developer, which implies that he's extremely tech savvy — a vital quality for any Uber A candidate. And if he really is as rich as he seems, then that means he'd have an endless amount of money at his disposal to carry out any A-like deeds.

Speaking of which, we know that this new villain is keeping close tabs on all the Liars and seems particularly aware of Hanna's every move. (Like how she was warned not to squeal to the police right after having discussed the matter with Jordan.) Perhaps that's why Lucas offered up his apartment to Hanna. He could've set up cameras everywhere and it'd be the perfect way to know what she's up to. After all, it's hard to take anyone's generosity at face value in this town.

Then there's the fact that Lucas' height and body shape seems quite similar to the person behind the mask. I can easily picture Lucas looking the same way if he were to don Uber A's new attire.

Oh, and remember how Spencer noticed a flash coming from a tinted vehicle earlier in the episode, as if someone behind the window was taking her picture? If only we knew someone else that's shown an interest in photography...

I rest my case. For more PLL theories, check out Bustle's latest podcast below:

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