This Is What Kylie's Newest Lip Shade Looks Like

I don't think I've seen beauty insiders as excited as they are now that Kylie Jenner has announced the new shades of her insanely popular lip kit. She's introducing a trio of new pink shades in honor of Valentine's Day, and they join her three original shades. One shade in particular stood out to me, and I was dying to see what Koko, Jenner's newest lip kit color, looks like in real life.

Luckily, Jenner's pretty PR savvy and knew curious beauty addicts like myself would be dying to see the shade IRL. On her official Lip Kit by Kylie Instagram page, Jenner's friend, model Jordyn Woods, posted a picture of the latest shade alongside one of her modeling Posie, another shade in the trio. Although I'm obsessed with both shades, the soft pink of the Koko shade is amazingly wearable. It's pink enough to show up, but also manages to look somewhat nude and neutral. I'm legitimately obsessed with the shade and going to do everything I can to grab a kit before it sells out.

Considering the shades are likely to debut very soon (maybe even tomorrow morning!), I'll be setting some alarms ASAP.

I mean, how good does that shade look on Woods? Amazing.

Here's all the pink shades in the lip kit so far. Koko is the second shade from the left.

Considering my luck, I doubt I'm going to be lucky (or fast) enough to grab a Koko before it sells out. Just in case that happens, I rounded up a few colors that are pretty good dupes of the original.

Jordana Matte Lipstick in Rio, $1.49,

At this price, I'm amazed you can get as close of a match to Koko. Love this shade.

Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Montego Bay, $27,

Nars matte lipsticks are amazing, and this shade is perfect.

MAC Retro Matte Lip Colour in Back in Vogue, $20,

I love MAC's matte lip shades — I think I have four of my own. This pinkish shade is so perfect.

NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick, $6,

NYX is my secret weapon as far as drugstore makeup goes, and I have a feeling this matte shade won't disappoint.

Revlon Ultra Matte HD Lip Color in Seduction, $7.99,

The packaging of this Revlon shade is so cute, and I think it's one of the closest matches of the bunch.

Although I'm holding out hope that I'll somehow get my hands on Jenner's new lip kit, with these options, I'll have some great backups.

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Images: Courtesy of Brands