Channing Tatum Is Headed To A Musical

We know Channing Tatum can act — and lord knows Channing Tatum can dance. But, now it's worth wondering: Can Channing Tatum sing? I know that's the question on my mind after news broke Friday that Channing Tatum will be starring in a musical comedy with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Those of us who know and love Tatum well know that he is quite the double threat: After his starring roles in Step Up and Magic Mike, the world has solid proof that the man can act and dance to save his life (and to make ours better). But, upon hearing the news that he would starring in a straight up musical for his next project, I did a double take. I mean, having more Tatum projects is never a bad thing, but would Tatum be able to handle this challenging role? Could my favorite lip sync-er actually hold a note to save his life?

It turns out that, while Tatum might not broadcast his vocal abilities often, he has quite the set of pipes. In his latest movie Hail, Caesar (directed by the Coen Brothers, FYI) Tatum has an entire solo all to himself. Playing a singing sailor in a musical scene, Tatum shows off his pipes and his amazing dance abilities. Not only does he sing, he tap dances, guys — Gene Kelly-style. Like, is Channing Tatum for real, or is he a figment of my theater geek dreams? I really can’t tell any more.

In addition to his official singing responsibilities in upcoming films, he’s also been known to break out in song in the middle of promotional tours. Like he did at Comic-Con in 2014 while promoting The Book of Life, backing up Biz Markie when he broke into his famous song, “Just a Friend.”

Oh, and there was that time he sang an awesome rendition of Meatloaf in The Vow with Rachel McAdams.

So, if you had any doubts that this guy could hit the high notes, you can rest easy knowing that he can. And, even if he did struggle with some of the tough ones, his costar Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a long enough history with singing to keep them both afloat. Like that time he performed a cover of the Nirvana song “Lithium” in Seattle:

And that time he sang the most adorable duet ever with his (500) Days Of Summer co-star Zooey Deschanel:

With these two guys on board, this movie is bound to be a hit.