11 Things Lorelai Gilmore Taught Us About Love & Romance

Am I the only one whose been incessantly re-watching Gilmore Girls since its Netflix revival was officially announced? OK, good. One thing that I've been noticing during my borderline excessive viewing parties is just how relevant Lorelai Gilmore's advice is — about pretty much everything. I know, I know. This seems like a truism I should have already understood. Lorelai Gilmore = fast talking, coffee loving, advice giving queen. But there's something about watching her spit out wisdom this time around that feels more resonant than ever. Especially when it comes to Lorelai Gilmore's lessons about love and romance.

Now, did Lorelai Gilmore have the easiest time in the romance department? No, no. Certainly not. But she'd be the first to admit that to you. Maybe that's what makes her perspective on love feel so important. The fact that it seems to always come from a place of both honesty and uncertainty. (Because we have to admit, homegirl had a few missteps here and there.) Regardless, it was Lorelai's good intentions, mixed with her trademark witticism, and pure heart, that made for some pretty solid pieces of advice when it came to relationships. Here are some of the most important lessons we've learned from Lorelai Gilmore about love and romance.

1. What We Want Shouldn't Be Hard To Find

Morbid, but true as hell.

2. The Heart Makes Words Difficult

Moron speak: a new epidemic, plaguing the mouths of the in-love, and the lovelorn, everywhere.

3. Problems Are Best When Avoided

Hey. I never said Lorelai's advice was the right advice, did I?

4. He Better Have A Motorcycle!

Again, didn't say it was right.

5. You Don't Have To Date Everything You're Attracted To

Not a perfect analogy, but you get the picture. Sometimes what you're attracted to doesn't end up being the greatest for you. Actually, wait no, that sounds exactly like pie, so never mind. Great analogy, Lorelai.

6. You Can Have A Love Later In Life

Was Luke Lorelai's high school sweetheart? Nah. Had she dated men before him? Yes. He came into her life later, but it just so happened to be exactly what she needed. And that was cool. Sometimes, you just have to wait.

7. Dates? More Like "Hangout Sessions"

I like this terminology better. Less pressure.

8. Sometimes You Have To Make The First Move

Sometimes you just have to ask the man you may or may not be in love with to just stand still. And then go for it.

9. Flexibility Is Key...

...As long as it's not really flexibility so much as it is "things going your way." But that's just semantics.

10. Don't Be Afraid Of Screwing Things Up

This might be your first screw up, but don't worry. It will definitely, definitely not be your last.

11. While You're At It, Feel Free To Get More Cynical and Self-Absorbed

Just kidding. But not really. This love thing is hard.

Thank goodness we have someone like Lorelai Gilmore to guide us along the way.

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