Do Tanner & Jade Live Together? The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Couple Is Building A Home Together

Confession time: I never watched Bachelor In Paradise before its second season nor any other of the Bachelor seasonal spinoffs. I thought they were just poor excuses for the real thing, but I'm here to tell you all that I was wrong. Why? Because not only was the second season of Bachelor In Paradise was the highlight of my week this summer, but it also brought together one of my all-time favorite Bachelor couples: Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert. They're getting hitched on television to celebrate 20 years of The Bachelor and had a beautiful ceremony in California, but that's not where they reside full time. So, where do Tanner and Jade live and do they live together?

This question actually caused a little bit of a stir when brought up as the show was coming to an end last summer. I swear, social media will be the downfall of every reality show secret — just before the finale of Bachelor In Paradise (during which Tanner proposed to Jade), Jade was having a Periscope chat with her fans online, and all was great — until one of the viewers realized that the chat had a geotag on it, and that geotag was located just outside of Kansas City. Well, Jade was supposedly living in Nashville at the time, and it was actually Tanner who lived in Kansas City. Jade quickly hung up the chat, citing Internet issues. It seemed to reveal that Jade was living with, or at least visiting, her not-yet-revealed fiancé.

But, now the show is over, and the two, according to their respective Instagrams, are happily allowed to brag about living under the same roof. They even memorialized Jade's move-in day!

Jade seems to have settled well into Kansas City, which is good, because Tanner and Jade have also just announced via Instagram that they're building a house together. Big steps, you guys!

In honor of building that house together, I've combed through Jade and Tanner's wedding registry for the gifts I would hypothetically be buying if I had been invited to the wedding (I'm still mad that I wasn't, but it's cool, yo).

Andie Wine Cooler

This cooler will keep your Bachelor viewing party bottle of wine chill even if the vibe on the show is filled with drama.

Andie Wine Cooler, $19.95, Crate & Barrel

Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds

There’s no Bachelor pun here — I just really like these for cocktails and it’s fun to make your ice cubes look like the Death Star.

Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds (Set Of Two), $11.95, Crate & Barrel

2-Piece Soup and Sandwich Set

Guys, imagine the adorable grilled-cheese-and-tomato-soup combos that these two will whip up in their new home together! Nights hanging out in the front of the television, watching Chris Harrison, eating delicious, melty sandwiches. That’s true love.

2-Piece Soup and Sandwich Set, $12.95, Crate & Barrel

Easton Stainless Steel Serving Tray

I mean, does anyone use a tray to serve things anymore? I don’t (and probably wouldn’t), but this would look cute on an end table or something. Perhaps an ottoman?

Easton Stainless Steel Serving Tray, $49.95, Crate & Barrel

Lodge Cast Iron 12" Skillet

Cast iron skillets are the light and the way, y’all, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Lodge Cast Iron 12" Skillet, $32.95, Crate & Barrel

Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker

This is probably a much better pressure cooker than the stress ball that is being on The Bachelor. Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker, $99.95, Crate & Barrel

Congrats, Jade and Tanner! I hope you make a happy home.

Images: Matt Petit/ABC; Crate and Barrel (6)