Do Jade & Tanner Live Together? The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Stars Might Call The Same Place Home

Love is a funny thing, ain't it? Who knows who falls in love and for what reasons? Two people who have recently fallen head-over-heels, butt-crazy in love (to paraphrase Cher Horowitz) are Tanner and Jade of Bachelor In Paradise . While each didn't have so much luck on their own respective season of The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, Paradise suits them. They've been in separable since day one. In fact, we don't really see a lot of them, unless they're commentating on something else — there's just not any drama with them to keep them onscreen (such is the peril of reality television). Now that filming is wrapped and these lovebirds are (presumably) going strong, do Tanner and Jade live together?

Jade is originally from Nebraska, though she moved to Los Angeles in her late twenties to pursue all kinds of star-studded dreams. After her stint on Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor, she moved closer to BFF Carly Waddell and settled in Nashville. Tanner calls Kansas City his place of residence. So, Tennessee or Kansas? How do these two choose where to live? Maybe they should just stay in the villa in Mexico and live happily ever after. That wouldn’t be a bad place to put down roots, minus all of those crabs scuttling about.

But, there's been a little bit of a break in the case of who lives where and whether their shacking up as a couple — recently, Jade dropped a spoiler as to where she’s been spending most of her time. During a recent Periscope session, Jade was chatting away with fans about Bachelor In Paradise, etc., when a few watchers pointed out that the location marker on her session had her right outside Kansas City. GPS doesn't lie, my Jade. Realizing her mistake, she quickly signed off, citing "technical difficulties," and when she signed back on, her location services were off. First Kaitlyn showing a Snapchat of her chosen man Shawn before her season was over and now this?

Reality Steve has been spoiling Bachelor seasons since day one, but it’s sort of annoying to follow a contestant and then have the whole season given away because they didn't realize what they’re posting/broadcasting. I usually don’t believe in spoiler alerts, but this is one big spoilery year for Bachelor nation. I bet that The Bachelor changes some things in contracts after this.

So, anyway, what does Jade’s Periscope mishap mean? If Jade and Tanner are actually engaged, it's not so strange to think that they would be living together already. Tanner may not be able to leave his job in Kansas City, and Jade's makeup business (that's her Bachelor side job) could probably be done from anywhere. It seems like Jade has gotten her fill of hot chicken and honky tonk and bid Nashville adieu. What would her Nashville BFF Carly say? If I know anything about Carly, it’s that she’s probably very happy to have a new city to pal around in with her best friend (and her BFF’s man).

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell