Is Christopher Returning To 'Gilmore Girls'? These Tweets Hint At An Appearance

Although most news about the Gilmore Girls revival has had me celebrating, this one has me just, well, mad: Christopher could be returning to Gilmore Girls , if the tweets below by David Sutcliffe are any indication. Now, while I have nothing against the actor, I don't want Chris, Lorelai's ex and Rory's father, coming back to the show. Remember, at the end of the series, Luke and Lorelai got together, and that's how I would like things to stay. Sure, Christopher was an important character (without him, there wouldn't be Rory), and he did a lot to build suspense in the incredibly important Luke and Lorelai will-they-won't-they saga. But I could definitely do without the character's appearance in the revival, if it means trouble for Luke and Lorelai.

Although Sutcliffe hasn't confirmed whether or not he's appearing in the four-part Netflix revival, he has hinted via Twitter that he might come back for at least an episode or two. When fans asked him if he would be returning to the show, Sutcliffe implied in a series of tweets that it just might happen.

Classic Christopher, being totally mysterious and frustrating about his whereabouts. On the show, he went in and out of the Gilmore girls' lives without any warning, leaving a path of destruction in his wake. If he does appear in the revival, it'd be best if it just came to say hi and catch up, rather than actually stay long enough to cause trouble. I'm totally fine with seeing him for a brief moment — he knows the Gilmores well enough that it would be odd and not fitting with the series if he didn't even get a cameo in the revival. But in order to keep him away from causing chaos (i.e. finding a way to break up Luke and Lorelai), he shouldn't be on the show for long.

Images: Warner Brothers, gilmore-isms/tumblr