Recreate Selena Gomez's 'Barney' Throwback Look

Many of us Millennials grew up singing, "I love you, you love me, we're a happy family," in honor of our favorite purple dinosaur. Barney & Friends was undoubtedly a defining aspect of our childhood culture as well as a symbol of '90s fashion, since the kids on the show, like Selena Gomez, rocked all of the basic trends of the 1990s on screen (including overalls and brightly-colored caps). Considering such looks were pretty dominant in our elementary school hallways, seeing images from shows like Barney & Friends is particularly nostalgic for some of us. And on Feb. 6, Selena Gomez shared a Barney throwback photo on Instagram where we can see her in her early days of acting, posing with the dino himself. The photo is awesomely nostalgic for a lot of reasons. But first and foremost, it's just incredibly fun to catch a glimpse at that adorable '90s kid aesthetic that might have been long-forgotten.

I remember wearing lots of overalls when I was a kid, some even embellished with my favorite cartoon characters like Tommy and Chucky from Rugrats. I wore a lot of bright colors, and never shied away from a floral legging. As for my feet, they were almost always adorned with light-up sneakers, and socks with lace or ruffle trims. For me, seeing the kids from shows like Barney & Friends nowadays serves as a reminder of how cute my outfits were in my youth.

With her hair pulled back into a ponytail and rocking a Blue's Clues-esque sleeveless striped top, boys' denim shorts (from what I remember as a kid, those little straps on the side usually only appeared in boys' pants), sneakers, and socks with a lace and charm-adorned trim, Gomez looks exactly like every Millennial's childhood BFF.

This fun playtime outfit is adorable and totally something you can recreate today (or when the weather warms up again), if you're feeling like channeling some childlike vibes. Here's how to do it.

1. The Socks

Just You And Eyelet Socks In White, $4.99,

Ruffled Rose-Patterned Socks, $2.90,

One of my favorite parts of this look is the adorable socks, which really got me itching for some of my own. I used to own a ton of socks with lace trim — something I adore now as much as I did then. However, you should feel free to change up that part of your look with some prints. Or imitate Gomez's look exactly, and track down some socks with charms on them.

2. The Striped Top

Ease To Meet You Tunic In Black Stripes, $34.99,

ASOS WHITE Crayon Stripe Sleeveless Shirt, $48,

As for the top, Gomez's exact look is excellent, but personally a bit too Blue's Clues for my 21-year-old self. You can age these playful stripes just a little bit by trying a flowing tunic or a boxier, more androgynous silhouette. This ASOS top even features stripes that are inspired by the strokes of a crayon. What could be more nostalgic than that?

3. The Boyish Shorts

ASOS Denim Shorts In Long Length In Light Blue, $11.50,

Boyfriend Bermuda Shorts, $48.50,

Next, you'll need shorts with a looser or boyfriend fit. Channeling a more masculine silhouette, whether it be through fit or by using actual men's shorts, would be ideal. I usually avoid longer shorts because I prefer showing off the curve of my thighs, but you can also opt for a more fitted board short.

4. The Shoes

Women's Retro Oxford, $29.99,

Finish the look with some slightly juvenile-looking sneakers, and you're good to go. Payless actually has a great selection of kid-inspired sneakers in all adult sizes. If you're not a huge fan of the shoes you wore in childhood, black and white Vans or Converse will do just fine.

Step out in style and with no shortage of playfulness this spring with Selena Gomez's adorable little throwback photo as your inspo. Because, let's face it: We may be getting older and more fashionable, but nostalgia never goes out of style.

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Images: Courtesy Brands