19 Marijuana Accessories For The Bud Enthusiast

I just got back from the Women Grow Leadership Summit in Denver, Colorado. A gathering of hundreds of women working in the cannabis industry, the conference blew my mind, on multiple levels. It was amazing to see so many women gathered in one place to speak about this new, booming industry. It was also fascinating to be in an environment where recreational use was legal, and where a networking event included women not just sipping Pinot Grigio, but vaping Gorilla Glue. But I expected all of that, in a way. What I didn't expect — but should have — was how much marijuana jewelry and accessories I would see women rocking. It seemed like everyone had a piece of subtle, feminine marijuana bling.

Something women talked a lot about at the conference was the importance of "coming out" as a cannabis user. Many legalization advocates believe it's crucial that people — perhaps young, professional women especially — try to be more open about the role cannabis plays in their lives. Until we all come out of the "green closet," many activists argue, marijuana will always be prohibited.

If you're looking to be more open about your own cannabis use — and enjoy online shopping — then buying some marijuana jewelry or a pro-legalization tee shirt might actually be a good place to start. Sure, it's not possible for everyone to be open about their cannabis use (especially at the office) but wearing or decorating with any of the stoner accessories below is a great way to spark the conversation, if you catch my drift.

1. High Grades Tee

Grades Tee, $20, Marijuana Models

Take on the claim that smoking weed makes you dumb with this tee.

2. Vegetarian Tote

Marijuana Tote, $13, Etsy

As a vegan, I especially like this one, even if it might be meant as a joke against me.

3. Marijuana Leaf Throw Pillow

Marijuana Leaf Throw Pillow, $33, Aged Pixel

Subtle enough that everyone will comment when they notice this colorful decorative pillow.

4. THC Molecule Necklace

THC Molecule Necklace, $25, Etsy

This necklace, or a variation of it, was probably the most popular stoner accessory I saw at Women Grow. And with good reason — it's subtle, clever, and pretty.

5. Medicinal Marijuana Poster Print

Botanical Cannabis Diagram Print, $12, Etsy

This is just so cute. I bet your parents wouldn't even notice this — but if they do, it might be a great opener for a conversation about legalization.

6. Namast'ay Home & Get High Tee

Namast'ay Home Women's V-Neck, $18, Amazon

OK, so maybe this one reinforces some stoner girl stereotypes, but it's great.

7. Hillary Stoner Tee

Hillary Stoner Tee, $26, Etsy

I don't think she would approve, but if you are a Hillary supporter, this might be one way to help her appeal to younger voters?

8. 4:20 Necklace

4:20 Necklace, $25, The Toke Shop

It's 4:20 somewhere ... like, on your chest.

9. Blunts & Burritos Tank

Blunts & Burritos Tank, $19, Level Apparel

Combine your two great loves in one great tank.

10. 420 Marijuana Leaf Dollar Bill Leaf Necklace

Marijuana Leaf Necklace, $30, Etsy

This necklace is a great middle finger to the government — a leaf made out of a dollar bill by an artist in London? Yes please.

11. Weed Not Greed Tee

Weed Not Greed Tee, $20, Look Human

For the Bernie supporters out there, this one is a winner. After all, the candidate says on his website himself that he "supports medical marijuana and the decriminalization of recreational marijuana, and has said that he supports the right of states to opt for full legalization".

12. Joint Earrings

Marijuana Joint Earrings, $25, Etsy

These are just too cool, even if I do personally advocate vaping over smoking.

13. Legalize Nature Tank Top

Legalize Nature Tank, $19, Etsy

Remind people that this is a plant we're criminalizing, after all.

14. Vintage Hemp Watch

Vintage Hemp Watch, $14, Etsy

This is just so cute. Each one is handmade and only $14, which makes no sense but is awesome.

15. Secret Stoner Warhol T

Secret Stoner Tee , $20, Etsy

Enjoy the delayed reactions of stoners and sober people alike with this slow burn of a tee.

16. Silver Gemstone Marijuana Earrings

Marijuana Earrings, $28, Etsy

Like the THC molecule necklace, there are a ton of marijuana earrings on Etsy to choose from, but I think these were especially pretty and unique.

17. How to Roll A Joint Tee

How To Roll A Joint Tee, $18, Etsy

For the person who prides themselves on their roll, this seems like the perfect gift.

18. Weed Bag Couch Pillow

Weed Bag Couch Pillow, $30, Rage On

OK, so this pillow is probably the least subtle or classy thing on here, but it was just too cool not to include.

19. Cannabinoid Molecule Necklace

Cannabinoid Molecule Necklace, $95, Etsy

A cool variation of the THC molecule necklace, this piece combines the cannabis compounds (THC, CBN, CBD CBC and CBG) into one rad fashion statement.

ArohaSilhouettes /Etsy, $95