Tenley Molzahn's Relationship Status Since 'The Bachelor' Proves That It's All In The Timing

You know that saying "a watched pot never boils?" Well, I'm starting to think it might apply to Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants as well, and that's why so few of them are successful on-camera. Once the show wraps, things tend to be a little different, so let's take a look at what Tenley Molzahn's relationship status is today in the privacy of her own living room instead of yours. Tenley is an especially potent example of my new theory, because she's sought love on not one, not two, but three shows within the Bachelor Nation, and come up empty every time. First, there was Season 14 of The Bachelor, which was also known as The Bachelor: On The Wings Of Love, because its star, Jake Pavelka, was a pilot. Jake brought Tenley all the way to the finale before proposing to Vienna Girardi instead.

Not to be deterred, Tenley joined the cast of the first season of Bachelor Pad, which aired in 2010, and she and her partner Kiptyn Locke again got all the way to the end before being eliminated on the final episode. This time, Tenley had slightly more luck in love, however, as she and Kiptyn dated for a few years before breaking up in 2014. But, once again, the timing seemed pretty right, as Tenley was single just in time for Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise, where it seemed like she and Joshua Albers might go the distance. Sadly, they have since broken up.

Woof. That's a pretty rough timeline when it's all laid out like that, but fear not! As Tenley told Bustle recently, she now knows that it all happens for a reason, because the way the timing played out helped her meet her current boyfriend. That's right, Tenley has a boyfriend. She wouldn't share his name with us, because it's a very new relationship, only three weeks old as of Feb. 4, but she already knows that he's The One. As Allison Piwowkarski writes:

"I'm going to marry him," Tenley says about her new boyfriend, "He's so cute... it was the exact right timing." Tenley says she met her boyfriend through a friend who goes to the same church as the lucky guy, and, while they've only known each other for a short while (three weeks), "When you know, you know," Tenley says. "I've been waiting to meet this guy for a long time."

Waiting to meet him, yes, but certainly not resting on her laurels. Tenley has been out there busting her chops for years now trying to find that perfect guy, and I'm so glad to hear that the timing is finally right, and he's showed up. Congratulations to the happy couple.