34 'Bachelor' Secrets Courtesy Of Chris Harrison

Fans of the Bachelor franchise are more than familiar with Bachelor and Bachelorette host Chris Harrison, who has evolved from the show's bro host to a veritable father figure over the years. Harrison has seen his fair share of insane drama, wacky contestants, and true love since his first season, and has always been candid about loving his involvement with the show that has been running since 2002. Luckily for Bachelor Nation, the rise of social media has given us an even more in-depth look into the show via the host's backstage shots. Pictures from Chris Harrison's Instagram reveal many things you didn't know about The Bachelor.

Although Harrison spends a lot of time in front of the cameras, the seasons are designed to focus on whoever the Bachelor or Bachelorette of the hour is, so you may not know a lot about Harrison's full involvement in the show. And, he's pretty involved. Much more so than you'd know just by watching the show. The single dad is also an author (of romance novel The Perfect Letter ) and, according to Entertainment Weekly, he's also a clothing designer, not to mention a very excellent TV host who believes in the show no matter what, and loves sharing that in each of these behind-the-scenes snaps.

He's Always Been There To Show You Backstage

Harrison appears to be an earlier adopter to Instagram, posting this backstage pic 187 weeks — about three and a half years ago! Way to be on the technological edge, bb. Also, I have to show off his #TBT from the very first season of The Bachelor! So cute!

He Had A Big Part In Ashley & J.P.'s Wedding

For those of you who may have missed Bachelorette Ashley Hebert's wedding in December 2012, Harrison has plenty of Instagram love for the couple, including this snap that showcases Harrison signing the wedding license. That's right — he officiated the wedding!

He Is Really Hands-On

He's much more than a pretty face! Harrison shows that he has his hands in every facet of The Bachelor production, including making sure the driveway looks good for the initial limo reveals.

He Appreciates His Alternative "Office"

Whether it's some remote exotic location or a corn field in Iowa, the host just seems to be enjoying the ride.

He Thinks A Lot About Roses

Sean Lowe seems to have a special flower arranging talent! This photo captured by Harrison shows Bachelor Sean Lowe seemingly sprucing up the flowers. Harrison also has several posts dedicated to the powerful symbol of romantic love.

He & The Producers Have A Playful Relationship

Harrison showcases his goofy relationship with Elan Gale, the co-executive producer of The Bachelor who is notorious amongst fans for his own wacky pics of the Bachelor Nation crew.

He's Always Watching

It's hilarious to envision him on the sidelines of what seem like such an intimate moments!

He Gets Up Close And Personal With Contestants...

Harrison's Instagram is chock full of low key shots of groups of contestants hanging out, seemingly away from all of the chaos and drama that seems to always encapsulate them during the final cuts of the show.

...And Has A Special Relationship With The Bachelors/Bachelorettes.

Though there has been wide speculation about the relationship between Harrison and Andi Dorfman, it seems as though he always gets somewhat close to whoever the Bachelor or Bachelorette is for the season. He is their guide through the process after all!

Bachelor Nation is Always Having A Good Time!

Even though the show is always presented as the "most dramatic of all time," Harrison shows us that there is plenty of time for fun and games on set. I love seeing that not everything is all tears and cat fights! Bring on more fun pics, Harrison!

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