Will Hanna & Caleb Get Back Together On 'Pretty Little Liars?' There May Be Hope For Haleb Fans Yet

Can you believe that Pretty Little Liars is letting Spaleb be a thing? It's a tough world out there for those of us that still heartily 'ship Hanna and Caleb — I mean, it's clear to Haleb fans that Spencer and Caleb needs to stop, but will it? Will it happen soon? And, here's the biggest question: Will Hanna and Caleb ever get back together on Pretty Little Liars ?

For their part, the actors involved seem to be somewhat split on the issue: Tyler Blackburn is pretty heartily pro-Spaleb, while Ashley Benson seems a little more nostalgic for her Haleb days. Blackburn recently sat down with Vulture, and gushed about how much he loved working with Troian Bellisario — he even joked that that they've been begging the writers for more material together for years. Yep, Blackburn has officially gone full #TeamSpaleb, according to Vulture.

The idea originally with Caleb and Hanna was that they were almost opposites, very "opposites attract." I think that Caleb and Spencer have a lot in common ... They have an innate sense of what’s going on around them. They’re very inquisitive, they’re very sharp.

Don't worry, though: He's well-aware of what a devastating effect the new relationship is having on the fandom — he said, "There was a running joke that we could hear the screams of the fans hating every moment during all of our scenes." He also mentioned that Benson and Keegan Allen seemed less into the idea than he and Bellisario were — "Ashley was really upset. Keegan was a little more stoic about it, but I think he was pretty upset as well," Blackburn told Vulture.

It's a sentiment that Benson herself backed up — Even after singing fiancé Jordan's praises to Seventeen magazine, she revealed that she's still 100 percent #TeamHaleb. As she put it to the magazine, "It's fun, I'm still team Haleb, I'm like, 'I want them to get back together'" (one of us. ONE OF US!). Benson also offered up a teensy modicum of hope in an interview with Ocean Drive — she acceded to the fact that the breakup would be devastating to the fandom, saying "I know people aren't happy about me and Caleb being broken up, but the whole thing has twist and turns. It's going to be fun." Could one of said "twists and turns" be a rekindled romance?

To that effect, showrunner I. Marlene King has also offered a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel, by suggesting that Hanna and Caleb have some seriously unfinished business — back in November, she dropped a little tantalizing hint about the Season 6 finale:

See? Of course, it's possible that King is trolling us, but I'd like to believe in a more noble cause — I'd be willing to bet that we'll see some form of romantic reunion between Hanna and Caleb, and sooner rather than later. The only question remains is, will it be in time to disrupt the buzz-worthy possible Hanna/Jordan mystery wedding taking place in the fast-approaching episode 17?

Let's hope so.

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