11 Easy And Cheap Valentine's Day Dates

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When it comes to being on a budget, Valentine's Day is enough to play a number on the wallet. That's why brainstorming cheap Valentine's Day date ideas is totally worth the extra brainpower. Not only do inexpensive options go easy on the bank account, but they are typically more meaningful. Simple is usually best, am I right?

Remember, just because a Valentine's Day hangout is budget-friendly doesn't mean it's boring, lame, or lacking love. Because the date doesn't cost a pretty penny, you can focus on personalizing the details to make it something really special. You can also stay at home on V-Day and avoid the long lines and crazy crowds. Think of it this way: Expensive date alternatives typically require shelling out a bunch of cash for someone else to plan your day. And while it may seem like an easy fix, it doesn't really emulate the essence of the holiday.

By the way, I'm not only talking about significant others. Spending V-Day with your BFF, parents, or siblings is just as awesome and fun. Unsurprisingly, the same mindset can totally apply. Take it easy and focus on spending time together. That’s what Valentine’s Day is about, after all!

1. Watch a new television series

Thanks to popular streaming services, entertainment is just a click away. Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to cozy up with some coffee, blankets, and your sweetheart(s) and indulge in a new television (or movie) series. This is a great way to follow a story line together from the very beginning. Have a mutual favorite? That totally works, too.

2. Stay in bed all day

While you're at it, take the day to just relax in bed during the entire day. Use this chance to unwind, forget the world, and do absolutely nothing. Remember, you're allowed to do this once in a while. This is especially true if you've been super busy with work, school, and grown-up life things.

3. Plan a dream vacation

Jump start your fantasy getaway with that special someone (or people!). While the actual trip will obviously cost money, the actual planning process won't cost a thing. The Internet is your friend, after all. Planning together provides an awesome bonding opportunity to share your travel dreams and goals. Who knows, you might even find a flight or hotel deal in the process.

4. Go for a run

If you and your Valentine(s) are the active type, go for a run down your favorite trail or route. You can even show each other new spots that you love to work out in. It's the best way to exercise and spend time together. Plus, it sure beats dealing with those V-Day crowds.

5. Do yoga

For some major rest and relaxation, stretch it out with an at-home yoga sesh. YouTube is your friend when it comes to this. Simply look up a few yoga routines and have at it. Your bodies and wallets will thank you.

6. Make ice cream sundaes

Keep it sweet and simple by making homemade ice cream sundaes together. Sure, this requires a trip to the grocery store and shelling out some cash. However, in the end, a DIY sundae will cost much less than one from the restaurant. To top it all off, you can customize the sundaes according to your preferences. Yum!

7. Invent a cocktail

Like homemade sundaes, making your own cocktails is cheaper than buying one at a restaurant or bar. It's also infinitely more fun. To really personalize your DIY cocktail date, team up and brainstorm ways to combine you favorite flavors and ingredients. The end result will certainly be something worth toasting to.

8. Cook a simple meal

On V-Day, there are countless reasons to make a meal at home. Zero crowds and waiting time are definitely up there. You can also eat delicious grub in the comfort of your own kitchen. Heck, you can even stay in your pajamas if you wanted to. The actual cooking process will also give you the chance to bond and work together.

9. Go to the park

If it isn't too cold to head outside, consider taking a little trip to your favorite park. It provides an excellent atmosphere for conversation and life talks. The best part? It's basically free.

10. Trade skills

Spend some valuable time with each other by teaching a skill, trade, or talent that is important to you. This is a simple way to share knowledge and gift something totally special. Are you fluent in a different language? Practice basic words and conversational terms. Is your date a guitar player? Ask him or her to teach you basic chords. Plus, because the focus is a hobby or skill that you already have, you can easily use materials that you already have on hand.

11. Have an at-home spa day

Valentine's Day is all about showing love and care. This V-Day, treat your sweetheart to a DIY spa day in the comfort of your own home. You can find basic massage tutorials on the web along with home spa treatments. I'm talking about everything from massage oils to bubble baths. Many of these recipes require natural ingredients that can be found in your own kitchen. Top it off with your personalized cocktail, and you're good to go.

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