How To Know You're Ready To Spend V-Day Together

February 14 is barreling around the corner at top speed, and for once, you aren't dreading Valentine's Day. In previous years, you've been single on this holiday and as hard as you've tried to avoid the chalky candy hearts and bouquets of red roses and the prix fixe menus, every business on the block has made it next to impossible. Even more so than Christmas, this is a holiday that companies really try to shove down your throat.

But this year, you have someone in your life. This year, the red roses don't send you running in the other direction. There's only one problem: your relationship is new, and you're both still figuring out if this is the real deal, and you're not totally convinced that you even have a date for Valentine's Day. It's tricky, because you don't want to push your newborn relationship too far too soon, but at the same time, if it's meant to be, then there's no reason you can't spend this day of love together, right? I mean, it's just one day, and it's not like you're expecting an enormous gesture. Here's how to know if your new flame is ready for the extreme heat of Cupid's favorite day.

1. If you're texting/emailing/calling each other more than twice each day

This means you are equally infatuated with each other and cannot go more than a few hours without some form of communication. The searing pain of Cupid's arrow hit you a long time ago.

2. If you've met each other's friends or family

This is a big step for a couple, so if this has happened, even only on one side, then you're ready to face the stampede of pink and red hearts together.

3. If you both hate Valentine's Day

Because then you can make a brand new tradition while boycotting this holiday that will result in a fantastic bonding experience for your relationship.

4. If you've experienced an embarrassing moment together

Even if it's just witnessing someone else epically failing on a karaoke stage. Or especially if it's something that you or they have done that to the other one looked zero percent embarrassing and 100 percent adorable.

5. If any of their personal items are at your house right now

Going beyond a single item that was accidentally left behind, because that can happen with a one night stand. But if they have something at your house that was left on purpose, then that means it's obvious that they will be back for it. That means you're ready for V-Day.

6. If you're looking to stay in and avoid the crowds

The most romantic way to spend this holiday is away from the other couples and intimately celebrating behind closed doors. If you're both ready for that, then you're way beyond ready for February 14.

7. If you catch yourself daydreaming about them at least three times during a work day

I am officially diagnosing you with a severe case of puppy love, and the only cure is a romantic Valentine's Day date.

8. If your weekend date is implied

If this is your relationship, then you're even ready to change your Facebook status. Oh yeah. YOU. ARE. THERE.

9. If there's a show or movie you both quote regularly

Inside jokes are key to building a lasting bond. If you have one, even as silly as tossing Ron Swanson quotes back and forth at each other, then you're ready to exchange chocolate hearts.

10. If you know their favorite brand of mouthwash

This is an oddly specific nugget of info to know about someone, so if you're there, then you're definitely ready for this holiday. You're probably even ready to move in together, but one step at a time.

11. If your grocery list includes an item that only they love

If you automatically pick up their favorite cereal or beer when you go food shopping, then they should be thanking you for being so thoughtful by showering you with love on Valentine's Day.

12. If you have nicknames for each other

Dear Pickles, your relationship can handle this overhyped, greeting card holiday, I promise. Just ask Strawberry Butt. (Or whatever you two call each other.)

13. If they've ever seen you at your worst

This brings your love at least four steps ahead. If they've seen you unshowered, hangry, and on the first day of your period, and didn't run away? Yeah, they deserve to be wined and dined. You both do.

Image: Warner Bros; Giphy (14)