'Workaholics' Audition for 'Game of Thrones'

Just as there is magic a-brewing on the mean streets of Westeros, so too is there a spark whenever the boys of Workaholics get together with Conan O'Brien. Like in their recent team-up, wherein the guys audition for parts on season 4 of HBO's Game of Thrones. Like the world's greatest BFF anthem before it, these three are just so spot-on it is downright ridiculous, and we've found ourselves longing for even a Stephen Colbert in The Hobbit -esque cameo for the boys on the series as soon as possible.

Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson, and Anders Holm — in addition to being the stuff lady boner dreams are made of — are avid nerds with an affinity for gratuitous nudity and graphic violence, so it's no surprise that their all gung-ho in their desire to join forces with the smash fantasy drama.

They've even come up with some wholly believable character names and backstories because, you know, that series doesn't have enough moving parts and people involved. Devilish and dastardly dudes like Lord Deathly Murderkill of House DoubleCross and Dong Dangletaint of House Glands ensure us that the safety of the realm is within their reach — even if the crazy redhead with the smoke monster-making vagina is on the prowl — while Ders is just searching for some familial female to put it in (he must be a Lannister). There's even an appearance from Jingles the Fool, a.k.a. Dwarf Jingles, a merry halfman that hits a bit too close to home for poor DeVine. Not that he or any of the other three have any worry on that front, their humor is more than enough to get the nips to dethrone thy shirts in their honor.

The only drawback? Not nearly enough dragons. Where are those pesky mythical creatures, anyway?!

Image: Comedy Central