Justin Bieber Is "Confident"

Justin Bieber's been busy lately — you know, with egging his neighbor's house, spending a night in jail in Miami, and fighting with limousine drivers in Canada — but the music business waits for no one to solve their legal battles. Camp Bieber released the music video for the 19 year-old pop star's latest single that features Chance the Rapper, "Confident," today. Thus proving that Bieber might be facing deportation, but he's still not going to let his fans down. Carry on, Biebz, carry on.

The video follows the courtship of a lightly-mustachio'd Bieber and a pretty girl that's probably singing Britney Spear's "Work, Bitch" in her head over and over. I know, you're intrigued. Well, this girl model-walks past the Biebz and catches his eye, subsequently causing him to drop his backpack (dude, you're too cool for a backpack). Typical, love-at-first-sight intro. He then follows her into an abandoned building (strange choice of location) where various dance breaks ensue and the girl chews gum in the most unrealistically sexy way possible. (Whoever choreographs these videos is totally getting it right, by the way.)

Somehow the pair end up in a convenience store where the girl buys some Takis and Bieber spits an adorable pick-up line, "I'd love to Takis to you on the phone." (Sigh, young love, s'cute.) But this pretty girl isn't interested in becoming on of Bieber's "One Less Lonely Girls" and gives him the big rejection when he tries to get her number. Cool-cool, but that's not going to deter the Biebz though — not when he's experienced love at first sight. More dance breaks ensue and our young gun follows pretty girl to the club, where instead of playing the cute-card and asking for her number again, he walks up to her and lays his mack down. Bold move but it works and he gets the girl. Cue the violins and they walk off, holding hands, into the sunset.

Watch Bieber's "Confident" video here and try not to hate us for how catchy the tune is and how epic the dance moves are:

Keep on keeping on, Biebz.