Johnny Depp To Play 'The Invisible Man', Bringing Another Classic Monster To Life

Over the past decade or so, Johnny Depp has developed a taste for the unconventional when it comes to the roles he takes on. Frankly, I kinda love it. His project choices reflect his really varied and eclectic tastes and means that fans never really know what he's going to do next — a quality that's pretty rare in Hollywood these days, were actors tend to become pigeonholed for starring in certain types of roles or a particular genre of film. His latest role could just end up being one of his best, if you ask me, as Depp has signed on to star in The Invisible Man , the most recently announced classic monster movie to be remade by Universal Pictures.

As you may or may not remember, Universal already announced plans to remake The Mummy late last year, so the announcement that The Invisible Man is next in line wasn't a complete surprise. The last time the H.G. Wells story was brought to the big screen was all the way back in 1933, so it's high time for a modern remake. The story, if you're unfamiliar, follows a scientist who figures out how to become invisible but ends up going crazy in the process. I don't know about you, but that sounds like prime movie material, to me.

Since the project is still in VERY initial stages — Deadline got the exclusive on the news only yesterday — so there's not much news to be had other than the fact that this is actually happening. Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan are producing, but that's about where our knowledge ends. We don't know who's writing or directing it, who else will star alongside Depp, or when it'll be hitting theaters. All of that will likely be announced in the coming weeks and months, as the movie begins to fill out its creative team and gets rolling, but the fact that Depp has signed on and Universal is committed to making this story is enough to get me way too excited, that's for sure.

Securing Depp in the lead role is a good omen. Consider the varied roles he's played in the past decade alone: Whitey Bulger, the Mad Hatter, Jack Sparrow, Sweeny Todd... the list goes on and on. If anyone is capable of transforming such an intensely complicated and quite crazy character, it's got to be Depp — another great role to add to his resume, for sure. Now, if only we knew when it was coming out...

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