What Will Yeezy Season 3 Look Like? These Teaser Pics Offer A Surprising Hint — PHOTOS

I have to hand it to Kanye West. He knows how to cause a stir in both the music and fashion worlds. He put Puma on blast for reportedly attempting to collaborate with Kylie Jenner aka his family. He keeps changing his new album title. West is also throwing us for quite a loop with Yeezy Season 3. While Yeezy Seasons 1 and 2 were quite similar in their minimal and monochromatic offerings, full of basics like curve-hugging bodysuits and oversized hoodies, the rapper and designer has apparently embraced an entirely new aesthetic with Season 3. The only constant is change, especially in fashion, and West seems fully aware that he must evolve or die in this space. And evolve he is.

West has been tweeting snaps from what looks like Season 3 fittings and while Seasons 1 and 2 were cool and all, they weren't next level in my opinion, especially for someone with West's vision. He is so eager to do what hasn't been done and he appears to have pushed himself with Season 3, which is reportedly slated to make a debut at Madison Square Garden in NYC on Feb. 11.

He has been tweeting like a madman and a genius, sharing pics and screenshots of emails with his followers.

He dropped this curious tweet referencing people who can sew leather, a notoriously hard fabric to work with.

This photo from a fitting is a little blurry, but I see layers.

Fur, pearls, and fringe. We didn't see any of that in prior Yeezy seasons. There's nothing minimal about this look, which West suggested would be worn by his wife Kim Kardashian. This is a lot of look and lot of decoration and materials. It's louder and more fashion-y than anything he's done prior. He is clearly stepping outside of athleisure, which was the aesthetic of Seasons 1 and 2.

But not totally. This fitting look is very street, thanks to the puffy coat, cropped top, and bared abdomen.

More Yeezy Boosts. Not the coveted 750s, but the new waterproof 1050s.

Waterproof boots.

This ribbed sweater is tattered and torn, and part of Kardashian's look.

This knit reminds us that he is no longer sticking with monochromatic, somewhat uniform looks.

Socks and heels? Really? Only in West's world.

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Here is Season 2.

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Here is Kylie Jenner in Season 1.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Of course, we have Kardashian aka Mrs. West in Yeezy, too!

Clearly, some things are looking different, yo!

Images: Kanye West/Twitter (9)