Minnie Mouse x Sephora is Ridiculously Fab

by Rosie Narasaki

Sephora Collection has been home to many a capsule collection, and you're going to love its latest theme: Minnie Mouse. Yep, Sephora Collection x Minnie Mouse is set to launch in April of 2016, and the new collaboration boasts seven products, each cuter than the last — so get your wallets ready to purchase the whole thing in one fell swoop.

It's not Disney's first time around the block with Sephora — past collabs include a Jasmine-themed collection, as well as the similarly princess-themed Reigning Beauties compacts. MAC is another frequent Disney collaborator, perhaps most notably with last year's whimsical Cinderella collection, as well as 2014's cult-status Maleficent collection. At any rate, the new Minnie Mouse capsule collection ranks up among the best of them: The packaging is ridiculously cute, and the products housed within promise to live up to Sephora's high standards.

Though priced quite reasonably (prices range from $15 to $58), the whole collection has a luxe, retro feel, what with its black and gold polka-dotted packaging — plus, there's a little something for everyone, between Minnie’s World in Color Eye Shadow Palette ($45), a 20-shade eyeshadow palette, Minnie-ature Cream Lip Stain Set ($26), a set of five bright, high-coverage lipstains, and the Reflection of Minnie Compact Mirror ($26), an ultra-covetable bowed compact mirror, that comes stowed in a tiny gold pouch.

Other standouts include Minnie’s Black & White Felt Liner Duo ($20), a set of liquid liners designed to be used together to create graphically winged eyeliner (inspired by Minnie's signature wink!), as well as the adorably Minnie-engraved Minnie’s Perfect Red Lipstick ($15).

Rounding out the collection, are the Brush up on Glamour- Minnie’s Beauty Tools ($58), a six-piece brush set that includes a brush stand bedecked with one of Minnie's signature bows, and the gold-flecked, peach-toned Minnie’s Inner Glow Luminizer Blush ($22).

It's tough to choose a favorite, no? Guess you'd better just buy the whole collection — you know, just to be on the safe side.