When Does Kardashian Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner Come Out? Showering Is About To Get Really Fun

When it comes to all things hair and makeup related, I consider this family the authority. Many of the Kardashian beauty hair products already contain this one very special ingredient, but they’ve got even more where that came from. When can you buy the latest Kardashian Beauty hair products, which are made with black seed oil? Well, I don’t know for sure, but hopefully they’ll be coming soon.

Khloé Kardashian posted a teaser of the new products, including a shampoo and conditioner to Instagram, so I’m thinking the latest additions will be here sooner rather than later. Given that black seed oil is so beneficial for hair growth and overall health, you’re going to want to cop these items as soon as they’re available. The hair line retails at stores such as Ulta, Target and Macy’s, so there’s more than one way to shop this line. This means that the products are unlikely to sell out as quickly as oh, I don’t know, Kylie Jenner’s lip kits, for example, which is good news.

Get excited for the Kardashians' next installment of hair essentials that should be headed our way soon, because Kardashian-level shine is always the goal, after all, isn’t it? Here's Khloe's little sneak peek.

The Black Seed Dry Oil is already available to shop, but stay tuned for the shampoo and conditioner, because you're going to want to introduce black seed oil into every step of your haircare routine.

Here are five ways black seed oil is good for your hair, in case you're not already convinced you need these items.

1. Keeps Dry, Flaky Scalp At A Minimum

Thank goodness black seed oil can hydrate the scalp, according to Naturally Curly, to keep it from getting all dry and itchy. Because, honestly, nobody has time for that.

2. It Can Act As A Hair Loss Remedy

Black seed oil is also a natural way to prevent hair loss! Who knew?

3. Conditions & Softens Hair

There's nothing quite as satisfying as naturally soft hair, and this oil will give you just that.

4. Protects Hair From Damage

You put your hair through a lot, but with the help of black seed oil, you don't have to permanently damage it in the process.

5. Great For Overall Healthy Hair

With the healing aspects, protective qualities and conditioning power combined, black seed oil possesses everything you need for an overall healthy, beautiful mane.

So, get ready to have the highest-level of hair quality a person could have.

Black seed oil, here I come!

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