This U.S. City Uses Couples Toys The Most

We-Vibe, the company behind couples vibrators (among other things), recently conducted a survey to see who’s using couples vibrators the most. We-Connect, the We-Vibe app that allows couples to play with each other either across the room or across the globe, has found that the average global vibration session lasts 16 minutes and seven seconds. But, because Valentine’s Day isn’t just a big day for love, but about sex too, the app sees a jump in vibration use on Cupid’s favorite day of the year, with the average vibration session increasing by 25 percent. That’s a whole lot of vibration.

As of 2015, sex toys are a multi-billion-dollar business. With global sales having reached $15 billion and a projected $52 billion in sales by 2020, sex toys aren’t just big business, but something almost everyone can get behind. In fact, I dare you to find someone who hasn’t indulged in a little sex toy action. It might be a hard thing to find.

Combing through all the vibration data, We-Vibe was able to compile who’s using the We-Connect app the most and where. With people in 229 countries using it, there was a lot of analysis to consider. Here’s what they found.

1. Belgium Has The Longest Vibrator Stamina

According to their study, at 25 minutes and six seconds, Belgium logs in with the longest vibration use. Whether it’s because of all that Belgian beer or just a need to orgasm with their partner and take their time in doing so, Belgium wins this one. Not far behind with 23 minutes and 19 seconds is France, and the UK, with 22 minutes and 50 seconds, rounds out the top three.

2. Spain Has The Shortest Vibrator Stamina

Coming in very last place is Spain with a vibrator session of only 15 minutes and 21 seconds. I mean, it’s not that bad, but considering it takes most women at least 20 minutes to get aroused, Spain could afford to add a few more minutes to their vibration use.

3. The United States Needs To Step Up Their Game

At 21 minutes and 36 seconds, the U.S. comes in fifth place of the top countries in regards to vibration stamina. We’re actually behind Russia, which might make sense in some ways, because they have some hellish cold weather and what does one do when it’s cold outside? Get it on inside, naturally.

4. Valentine’s Day Isn’t The Only Day That Sees A Surge In Usage

While vibrator uses jump 106 percent and sessions increase by 131 percent on Valentine’s Day, that’s not the only day that We-Vibe users take things up a notch. Christmas, with a 90 percent spike and New Year’s with an 85 percent jump are also big on We-Vibe’s calendar of major vibrator use. The notorious Steak and Blowjob Day, which falls on March 14, also sees an increase by 28 percent.

5. St. Patrick’s Day Is Not A Big Day For Vibrator Use

Having been born in Boston where being Irish is the most important trait that someone can have, I’m going to guess as to why vibrator use drops on this particular day: Irish whiskey. While drunk sex can be great sex, it does interfere a bit with the mechanics of it, so that might explain why things drop by 12 percent on the vibration front that day.

6. New Yorkers Enjoy The Most Vibration Action In The States

Although New York is number five on the top 10 cities in the world— London is number one — it does fall in the top spot in the United States. Rounding out the top three cities where vibration use is at its highest is Los Angeles and San Francisco. In last place, at number 10, is Miami Beach.

7. Someone In Antarctica Broke The Vibration Record

According to the study, there has been just ONE We-Vibe session in Antarctica AND is lasted almost 50 minutes. Considering how few people call this continent home, I’d say that's some pretty impressive stuff. I can’t imagine it’s easy to find a partner in a place where, in the winter months, the population decreases from a couple thousand to 100 or so.

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