Here's When We Might Expect Beyonce's New Album

by Michelle Lulic

Beyoncé is currently taking the world by storm and she hasn't even released her new album yet. But, honestly, can we expect anything less from Queen Bey? Seriously, "Formation" is already on my list for possible Video Music Awards nominations and getting tickets to her world tour is nearly impossible. But, all in all, there's still one thing we need to figure out despite all of the hype: When can we expect Beyoncé's new album to be released? I decided to address this vital question by doing a little bit of research, based off of the release dates from Beyoncé's previous albums. Because what better way to understand the Queen herself then by looking back in her musical history, am I right?

First of all, we still have no idea what the title of this new album may be. However, what we do know is that she has already released her first single off of the album. "Formation" was released without notice on February 6 — and her tour — beginning on April 27 in Miami, Florida — is being held by the same name. So, her new album could be titled "Formation" as well, and it has to be released pretty soon if it wants to be out before fans start to go and see her on tour. But can we expect an album release date announcement? Or will she do exactly what she did last time and just drop a surprise album on a day that no one's even prepared for?

Let's discuss. Beyoncé's last album, BEYONCÉ, was released on December 13, 2013 without any word of it doing so beforehand. Before that, 4 was released on June 28, 2011, I Am... Sasha Fierce was released on November 18, 2008, B'Day was released on September 5, 2006, and, lastly (but certainly not least), Dangerously In Love was released on June 24, 2003. Unlike some other artists, she really doesn't have any consistency when it comes to the months or time of year that she releases her new albums. But, if there is any month that stands out among the times she is most likely to release a new album, it would be June — with both 4 and Dangerously In Love being released towards the end of the month. And, with June being just a month and a half or so into the Formation World Tour, perhaps that could be a time period that we can keep our eyes on?

However, something is also telling me that, much like her last album drop, sudden "Formation" release, and tour announcement, Queen Bey also may not wait so long to get her new music out there. In fact, I generally would not be surprised if she dropped her album tomorrow (Eek!). However, how she plans on releasing her new album may actually have to be taken into consideration as well. If Beyoncé is planning on releasing her album exclusively through the music-streaming platform TIDAL, then things may be pushed back to at least March. Why? Well, with Rihanna's release of Anti on TIDAL in the month of January, and Kanye West's apparent upcoming album release, which will be streaming on the TIDAL platform, perhaps one new album a month could be the new thing. And, with last month and this month covered, that leaves room for next month as being the month of Beyoncé.

So, my final guesses? I'm keeping my eyes on March, so she gets her exclusive TIDAL release in and so she makes the cut before her tour begins. If not, I'm pegging June as my second best bet. For now, we will just have to be satisfied with the idea of knowing her new album is on its way. We can never really know what Beyoncé is going to do next, ut what we do know is that it will all be worth the wait.

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