What Does Chris Harrison Do During Bachelor Dates?

Of all the pieces I've picked apart in the past, it's never occurred to me before to wonder what Chris Harrison does during The Bachelor dates. Obviously, this is naive in hindsight, but I just imagined him as a genie of sorts, who appears when you rub the Rose Ceremony lamp and disappears in between. Unless the Bachelor needs some sage advice, of course, in which case they shine the Final Rose symbol at the sky, and he comes rushing to the scene. I know I'm mixing my metaphors here, but my point is I assumed Chris Harrison was a magical being, and I've never thought to question his provenance, or what he gets up to during those long lonely days. And as it turns out, the answer is pretty adorable.

Chris Harrison takes himself on little solo dates. The idea that, while we're watching the televised pairs gallivant around being romantic, Harrison is at a candlelit table by himself, raising a glass, is almost too cute. I can't take it. As it turns out, it isn't quite as date-y as all that, but still very, very adorable, and I want to squeeze his little cheeks. As Harrison told AOL Build during an interview:

I'll tell you, in the Bahamas, where we were last week, there was this beautiful golf course around the resort [so] I played golf. I love to fish, I went bonefishing ... It was on my bucket list to go bonefishing in the Bahamas, I was there, I went bonefishing.

A little round of golf, a little bonefishing, a little checking off of your bucket list. Sounds pretty romantic to me. Romantic enough to inspire his own spinoff show, perhaps? And I bet I know a little lady who might be interested in making those solo dates into duo dates, if the rumors are true! (Hint: it's Andi Dorfman. Please make a spinoff show with Chris Harrison and Andi Dorfman falling in love, please and thank you.)

I know I would watch, and I bet you would watch, too. It would be formatted similarly to the way Britt Nilsson's B-story was set up with Brady Toops on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette. They could even try it out as a small portion of The Bachelor without having to set aside its own time slot, just to see how people liked it. We'd see the regular Bachelor and his dates, and then, for a minute or two in each segment, we'd zoom off to see what Chris Harrison was up to. Like, "Oh, he's at a movie he's always wanted to see!" or "Look at that, he's trying bungee jumping for the first time!"

I'm not even demanding that Andi be in it right away, although that's obviously my ultimate aim. Mostly I just want brief cutaways a few times an episode to show me Chris Harrison's adorable little solo dates. Is that so much to ask?

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