Who’s The Wolf On ‘The Walking Dead’? A Refresher On The Show’s Sneakiest Villain Yet

The Walking Dead is back on Sunday, so let's take a second and remember where everything left off. Alexandria was attacked, Daryl is about to meet a very bad dude, and a Wolf in the basement knocked out Carol and Morgan! Wait, who was that Wolf in the basement on The Walking Dead ? While we've all been worrying about Glenn dying and Negan's arrival, Morgan's Wolf prisoner has become one of the show's most dangerous villains.

Not much is known about this mysterious man with the "W" on his forehead and the long, dangling hair (no man-buns for this creep). He doesn't even have a real name. AMC calls him "W Man," IMDb lists him as "Alpha Wolf," and the Walking Dead fan-maintained Wikia has dubbed him "Wolf 1." I'm going to call him "Wolfy," if that's cool with everyone.

We first saw the character, played by Australian actor Benedict Samuel, at the end of Season 5, when he encountered Morgan in the woods. He gave us our first taste of Wolvian philosophy. He used to like "movies" but now he likes "meeting people" — but also, like, killing them and taking their resources. Wolfy and his kind like to set traps for humans and Walkers alike. Even though he met Morgan on the road, he later discovered Aaron's backpack with pictures of Alexandria. It's a bit of a coincidence that they happened to end up in the same place again, but there aren't too many places you can go in the apocalypse, anyway.

After the Wolves attacked Alexandria, Morgan and this long-haired fellow started to duel, and Morgan knocked him out and locked him up in a basement. There, he hoped to bring Wolfy to the light side using the same teachings he received from Eastman. Morgan's on a strict no-killing-humans diet now, remember?

Wolfy, however, threatens to kill everyone in Alexandria, and then the World, I assume. But he's injured, so the threats are slightly empty for the while. Morgan brought in Denise, Merritt Wever's character, to heal him. They got trapped together when the herd breaks down the wall and Alexandria is attacked again, this time by Walkers. Carol, who has discovered Morgan's secret, ran down to get Denise out of there with Morgan at her heel. Wolfy knocked out the two of them and took Denise hostage. Even when Eugene, Tara, and Rosita entered the basement, ol' Wolfy managed to get them to slide their weapons over, and left with Denise still in tow.

So that's where he left off. Wolfy started as a loner at a camp site, and now has managed to disarm half of our survivors in Alexandria. The walled community is still under siege by Walkers on The Walking Dead, but its biggest threat has made himself known in a major way.

Images: Gene Page/AMC; Giphy