Jade Is Carly's True BFF On 'BiP'

One would expect Carly and Kirk to be crying on national television Sunday night, since that's when they had one of the worst breakups that I’ve ever seen on any Bachelor Nation show. To sum up, Kirk had been feeling doubts in his relationship with Carly for a week (which is like, months in Bachelor In Paradise time) and didn’t tell her until the very last possible moment. Needless to say, she was absolutely floored and absolutely devastated. Plenty of tears, plenty of screaming, and plenty of packing up to get ready to go home. What you wouldn't expect, though, is for the other folks in Paradise to shed tears. So why was Carly’s best friend, Jade, crying after the breakup? She was almost as devastated as her pal — what gives?

Carly and Jade are the best of friends — they spend a ton of time together, and Jade even moved to Nashville to be closer to her best friend. These ladies are soul sisters, for realsies. They’re not even friends — they’re more like siblings, and when that happens, you’re on a different emotional wavelength than most other people. I, for one, burst into tears when I found out that my sister had been wronged in a relationship. Looking back on it, it was funny at the time, but in the moment, we were both reeling. When you’re that close with a person, it’s like you absorb all of their pain and feelings in order to ball them up and send them somewhere else to take away the pain from the person you love.

With that in mind, it’s not so hard to believe that Jade would do the same for Carly. Jade is so hurt for Carly’s sake that she’s bursting into tears for her best pal. That’s true friendship and who needs a man like Kirk when you have your gal pals? Men may come and go, but your girlfriends are there forever (and there to eat ice cream with you after the breakup).

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC