Who Does Kylie Jenner's Tattoos?

by Rosie Narasaki

Between her rapidly-changing hair and even more rapidly-changing wardrobe, it can be tough to keep tabs on the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan's latest looks. Lately, she's been adding tattoos to her repertoire — so, who does Kylie Jenner's tattoos?

She's already gotten a few — so, far she has "sanity" written phonetically on her hip, a heart on her upper arm, and an as-of-yet unidentified object on her bicep (seriously, your guess is as good as mine, with regards to what the squiggly tangle of lines might be). The "sanity" tattoo is the largest of the bunch, but all three are on the smaller, more delicate side, and all are created with red ink. So, did the same artist ink all three red tattoos?

The similar style of the tattoos might have you thinking yes — but that's not quite the case. The tiny heart and the "sanity" hip tattoo were both created by tattoo artist Bang Bang. Based in NYC, the celebrity tattoo artist's other famous clients include Rihanna, Adele, and Cara Delevingne, and he's even published a book — it's called, Bang Bang: My Life in Ink, and it chronicles his work through photos and vignettes.

As fate would have it, Kylie even traded tattoos with Bang Bang — she inked him with (what else?) a tiny red K, topped with a crown.

She started things off with Bang Bang with her tiny heart tattoo, and later entrusted him with the "sanity" tattoo on her hip.

Now, her newest bicep ink was actually created by Jon Boy, who also happened to have tattooed her sister Kendall with a tiny white dot.

Jon Boy created the new tattoo at Bang Bang Tattoos in New York City, and specializes in trendy minimalist designs, not unlike the delicate script now inked onto Kylie's bicep.

Interested in scoring some Kylie-approved ink of your own? Well, start saving now — prices at Bang Bang Tattoos start at $300!