How Much Does A Bang Bang Tattoo Cost?

If you haven't heard the big news yet, Kylie Jenner got a hip tattoo. And this time we know it's the real deal — in fact, we even know where she got it done. Jenner got her newest tattoo at a celeb-favorite, Bang Bang in New York. So, now that you know where she got her ink, you're probably wondering how much a tattoo at Bang Bang NYC costs?

Jenner got a small tattoo in red ink spelling out the word "sanity" phonetically on her hip. Pretty sick, right? Maybe this tattoo is how she deals with the insanity that is her daily life. The red tattoo meshes with the micro heart tattoo she was rumored to have gotten this summer on the back of her arm. Maybe there will be another red ink tattoo in her future?

Maybe you remember the Snapchat video of Jenner at the tattoo parlor back in November? Well, it looks like her visit to Bang Bang back then resulted in this ink. She's been keeping the tattoo's message a secret for awhile, but finally debuted the new art on her Instagram. The tattoo is pretty simple, but the red ink and phonetic spelling make it a bit more interesting.

So, if you're a tattoo enthusiast, I bet you're wondering how much dough you need to get tattooed by someone that Jenner trusts to give her permanent body art. Well, it really all depends on which one of the Bang Bang artists you want to work with, where you want the tattoo, how much detail it has, and how big it's going to be.

Obviously if you're planning on getting a half sleeve you're going to end up paying a bit more than if you got a little micro ink. However, tattoos at Bang Bang start out at a $300 minimum, according to the website. Not exactly cheap, but hey — you get what you pay for, right?

If you didn't already know, Bang Bang NYC is known for inking some of the hottest celebrities from Justin Bieber to Cara Delevigne. I'm guessing Bang Bang is pretty good at what he does if all these celebs are flocking his way. He even managed to tattoo Bieber 40,000 ft in the air. If that doesn't take commitment I don't know what does. Be sure to book your appointment with Bang Bang early because he's booked up months in advance.

Image: Kylie Jenner/Instagram