Twitter's Rude Reactions To Giuliana Rancic

We've gotten used to Giuliana Rancic being the main E! News correspondent at the 2016 Grammys red carpet. In fact, this Grammys red carpet actually marks Rancic's 10th year on the job, and she showed up for the momentous occasion looking polished, gilded, and ready for a long night of red carpet interviews. Her gown was a gold sheath festooned with mirrored grommets, and she looked stunning.

And while she's definitely become a Hollywood fashion reporting staple, I'll never get used to seeing the harsh criticisms about her body. As soon as Rancic hit the screen, the rude Twitter commentary started rolling in. Most of the criticism had to do with Rancic's weight, which she previously explained was due to her battle with breast cancer and subsequent double mastectomy. The problem is that she shouldn't have to explain it at all. Ripping apart someone for their appearance — super thin, fat, or otherwise — should be against some kind of Twitter and/or human law. Unfortunately, not everyone watching the show agrees.

I know, I know: A big part of Rancic's job is dissecting the appearances of celebrities, particularly female celebrities, on the red carpet and on Fashion Police. Despite that, I noticed that this year the host was keeping it totally positive and upbeat on the Grammys red carpet, perhaps because she learned from the backlash to her controversial commentary in the past. That's not to say she won't have some eyeroll-worthy words on Fashion Police tomorrow, but it still doesn't excuse the cruel words circulating about he look tonight.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Unfortunately, however supportive and non-judgmental Rancic was tonight, audiences watching the show didn't afford her the same courtesy.

I get that it's tough to feel compelled to defend someone like Rancic, who literally earns money by assessing people's appearances. However, I consider this one of those, "do unto others" situations. When it comes to criticizing someone for their weight, why not leave that on the table and stick to commenting on the fashion instead? Even if Rancic makes waves by talking serious smacks about celebrity looks, that doesn't mean we should. Take the high road instead — everything looks so much better up here.