23 Reasons Justin Bieber's Post-Grammys Carpool Karaoke Is The Best Yet — VIDEO

Carpool Karaoke continues to be awesome, and the post-Grammys special edition featuring Justin Bieber is no different. In what's fast becoming one of the greatest segments on late night TV ever, James Corden drives celebrities around in his car while listening to tunes and taking part in some impromptu karaoke. And the latest Carpool Karaoke with Justin Bieber is the best yet, for about a zillion reasons.

Dressed in matching white suits with bow ties, Corden and Bieber are driving, post-Grammys, to get to The Late Late Show. To make the time go quicker, the pair partake in a little karaoke action, first by listening to "Uptown Funk," and then by performing the theme tune to The Late Late Show which James Corden hosts. And one of the reasons Bieber's second appearance on Carpool Karaoke is like the best ever is because of the hilarious chemistry he has with Corden. Not only does Bieber help Corden apply moisturizing cream to his T-Zone, the pair compare goody bags from the Grammys. While I'm sure you don't need any more reasons to watch Justin Bieber's post-Grammys Carpool Karaoke, I'm here to tell you about the best moments, because you can never have too many Justin Bieber gifs, right?

1. At The Start Of The Journey, Justin Bieber Looks A Little Sleepy

The video starts off with Justin Bieber doing the cutest little yawn.

2. But It's Not Long Before Bieber Is Awake And Acting Cool

It's almost as if he can just switch his charm on in an instant.

3. James Corden Points Out How Stupid It Is That They're Wearing The Same Suit

Corden tells Bieber that they both look like waiters. If Bieber was my waiter, I'd be tipping big.

4. Corden Wants His Moisturizer

I'm not asking questions about this one. James Corden clearly carries his moisturizer everywhere, because he's a smart man.

5. Bieber Moisturizes James Corden's Face

It's just a moment between two friends, moisturizing their faces. What's weird about that?

6. It's Carpool Karaoke Time

Once the moisturizer is applied, it's time for some "Uptown Funk" karaoke.

7. Justin Bieber Doesn't Know The Words

While Justin Bieber clearly doesn't know many of the words to "Uptown Funk," James Corden is word perfect.

8. Like Seriously, He Doesn't Know The Lyrics At All

I guess even Bieber can't know every song in the whole world, right?

9. Bieber Makes Up For It With Some Amaze Dance Moves

Not one to be phased by not knowing the lyrics to "Uptown Funk," Bieber distracts us all with his killer dance moves.

10. And Dad Dancing

The least cool moves in the world look sexy when Bieber does them.

11. Corden Fully Commits To Carpool Karaoke

Corden is in the zone.

12. The Line "I'm Too Hot (Hot Damn)" Is Real

Yes, Justin Bieber, you are too hot.

13. There's A Carpool Karaoke Karate Chop

Bieber's moves get more and more inventive.

14. Corden And Bieber Take Their Dance Moves In A Retro Direction

The true professionals that Bieber and Corden are, they segue into a seamless rendition of "Big box, little box, cardboard box." Because, why not?

15. Justin Bieber's Sigh Is Dramatic

Talking about Grammys host LL Cool J, Bieber lets out the most dramatic sigh ever. Look at those cute puffed up cheeks!

16. The Lick Lip Was Everyone's Favorite Part Of The Show

I can't add anything here.

17. The Pair High Five Because That's What Besties Do

Corden and Bieber taking car drives together could be a regular fixture.

18. Bieber Compliments An Embarrassed Corden

From bestie to bestie, the appreciation and love are real.

19. It's Time To Open The Goody Bags

Corden and Bieber open their Grammys goody bags at the same time.

20. Bieber Has The Best Gifts

Poor James Corden. He gets a candle, while Bieber gets a Rolex.

21. Bieber Says He's OK With Starting The Late Late Show In The Car

Bieber says he's "down," and his shrug says it all. Nothing can phase this man.

22. The Theme Tune Is Sung

With great emphasis, Bieber and Corden sing the theme to The Late Late Show.

23. Bieber Gives His All

Carpool Karaoke ends with Bieber and Corden singing their hearts out.

Definitely the best edition of Carpool Karaoke to date, you can watch the full video for yourself now.

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