Harry Potter Relationships vs. Relationships IRL

There are a lot of differences when it comes to the world of Harry Potter (which we all deep down believe is completely realistic), and the reality we actually live in. There are also similarities, like how universal the theme of love is in HP and in our everyday lives. One big difference between the book world and our world, though, is how romantic relationships in Harry Potter work. I'm pretty sure we've all thought about how convenient it would be if you lived just down the hall from your crush or could write him or her a magical love letter in-between Potions and Transfiguration class. Or maybe that's just me.

Even though we may not be able to use magic in our everyday lives or snog around campus, we do find magic through the act of love. And yes, I'm completely aware of how cheesy that sounds. We may not be exactly like Ginny and Harry or Ron and Hermione, but there comes a time in every book nerd's life when you wonder how similar your life is to your favorite fictional characters.

In case you're curious about how your relationship, or any romantic partnership IRL compares to HP relationships, here are 10 ways they differ dramatically, slightly, and not at all:

1. In Harry Potter: You Could Be Tricked With A Love Potion

IRL: You Could Be Tricked By Your Own Lovesick Mind

I'm not saying that Harry Potter characters couldn't fall for someone for all the wrong reasons that we so commonly run into, but at least we don't have to worry about love potions. Granted, it wasn't commonly used because it's obviously the worst way to start out a relationship, but it was something to still look out for. IRL, we have a lot of things to worry about when it comes to dating — are they being honest about their past? Do they look similar to their Tinder profile? Are they actually interested or do they just want to hook up? All of which could be possible in the HP world, too.

2. In Harry Potter: You'll Meet Your Soul Mate When You're YoungIRL: Sorry, But You Probably Won't

Let's be real, if you married your high school sweetheart, you're incredibly lucky and incredibly rare. The stakes are a little higher in Harry Potter because most witches and wizards end up together which makes perfect sense. While some venture out at marry Muggles, most meet during school. IRL, most people don't end up with the people they met as adolescents, but later in life when they've moved to different cities or started a new job.

3. In Harry Potter: You Go To A Fancy Ball TogetherIRL: You Go To Prom Together

I'd way rather go to a fancy magical ball than prom, but maybe that's because my prom year was "Jersey Shore" themed. Either way, IRL or in Harry Potter, as a teen, you still get the option go to a big event with pretty dresses, cute dates, and awkward slow dancing.

4. In Harry Potter: You Fight Over Quidditch TeamsIRL: You Fight Over Football Teams

Depending on how heavily you're interested you and your partner are in sports, there's no doubting the fact that in HP, most people were super into Quidditch. And how could you not be? It seems like the most entertaining sport in the world to watch. IRL, though, it's probably safe to say that you're more likely to fight over competing football, baseball, or even hockey teams.

5. In Harry Potter: You Snog At The Three BroomsticksIRL: You Make Out In The Car

There are many more HP snogging spots than a crowded pub, just like there were many more places than the backseat of your car to make-out. But you still did it because it was just the best spot at the time. Occasionally you probably picked a quiet corner in your high school hallway, just like HP characters did sometimes.

6. In Harry Potter: You Sneak Around Hogwarts After Curfew To See Each OtherIRL: You Sneak Out Of Your Parent's House To See Each Other

The nice thing about boarding school is that there aren't any parents to watch out for, but there are teachers potentially lurking nearby. In Harry Potter, if you wanted to meet up with your lover one night, you could sneak around and find a secret meeting spot as long as you knew how to get around after curfew. IRL, if you wanted to sneak out, it meant getting past your parents, the squeaky floor boards, the loud noise of starting your car AND shutting the garage door. It was nearly impossible.

7. In Harry Potter: You Write Magical Letters To Each OtherIRL: You Text And Call Constantly

I wish writing love notes was more common IRL, but texting and chatting over the phone isn't all that bad. In Harry Potter, the options are pretty much limitless when it comes to writing a letter. You can charm it so it flies to your partner like a butterfly, or include your voice in it. Harry Potter definitely wins on the romance scale when it comes to methods of communication.

8. In Harry Potter: You Magic And ChillIRL: You Netflix And Chill

I'm sure witches and wizards that date in Harry Potter have movie nights, but I'd also bet they have nights practicing or showing off their magic to each other. It seems like a lot more entertaining than bickering over what to watch on Netflix. However, I could never get sick of watching Parks and Rec with my partner on any given night, so it's not all that bad.

9. In Harry Potter: You Fight A Wizard War Side-By-SideIRL: You Talk About The Wizard War As If You Were There

The love between HP characters is at an all time high in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and for good reason. Most aren't sure if they're going to make it out alive or not. For us major fans, we get to talk about what we would have done had we been there with our partners, and I'm betting that conversation will never cease to exist for real life HP fans.

10. In Harry Potter: You Love Each Other Like Nothing Else In The World MattersIRL: Same

Harry Potter is all about the power of love, and that's one of the main things that makes the series so relatable and universal for us. We all have the ability to choose love over evil, and when it comes down to it, we'd do anything for the ones we love.

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