Where To Buy Kylie Jenner's Jewelry Because The Girl's Got A Strong Accessory Game — PHOTOS

Kylie Jenner is basically the queen of Instagram, right? While Kim Kardashian may not have completely abdicted that throne as of yet, Kylie's social media prowess isn't to be trifled with. One of the best aspects of her Instagram takeover? The jewelry. Figuring out where to buy Kylie Jenner's jewelry isn't easy though since she doesn't always link out to the designers. Plus, let's be honest, Jenner's affinity for Cartier is no secret, and that stuff ain't cheap. So getting the look for less is never a bad call, especially when that accessory game is so strong.

Jenner's style has been the talk of social media for well over a hot minute at this point. Whether it's her ever changing hair, her insane makeup skills, her fashion choices, or her accessories, she's a pro at grabbing attention on the web. It's hard to forget about that insane diamond ring that led to engagement rumor upon engagement rumor. While Kylie ultimately denied the marriage gossip, we still got a glimpse at what style of jewel the reality star could rock if she decides marriage is in her future. Basically, Kylie's jewelry on Instagram and the red carpets is totally enviable, even if it is expensive.

So, let's get down to what she wears and how to shop Kylie Jenner's jewelry. There's always a deal out there somewhere, right?

Leather Strap Watch

This stunning watch is by Hublot and features a leather band and a navy face. The gorgeous contrast between the face and gold and diamond encrusted setting is beyond stunning.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Women's Baker Navy Watch, $146, Amazon

While this Marc by Marc Jacobs isn't identical, it's got the leather band, navy face, and classic appeal of Kylie's Hublot.

Jewelry For A Cause

Kylie's purple bracelets are from Live Lokai, a brand centered on finding balance in one's life. These particular purple bracelents are actually to support the Alzheimer's Association.

Lokai Supports the Alzheimer's Association, $18, Live Lokai

At $18, you can get Kylie's exact piece and support an amazing cause.

Cartier Love Bracelets

These things are basically synonymous with Kylie now. She rocks them every day, and it's not always by choice. Just recently she had to get them professionally removed. If you want to invest some serious change — about $6,300 worth of change — but there are plenty of bracelets out there that are just as cute and won't cost you a few month's worth of rent.

The Highland Cuff With Swarovski Crystal, $88-234, Jessica Elliot

These stunning screw cuff bracelets from LA-based designer Jessica Elliot make as big of a statement as Jenner's Cartier bracelets, but with even more glamour, in my opinion, thanks to the beautiful Swarovski crystals on each end.

Midi Rings

Kylie's ring game is so strong, guys. She rocks it all, but one of her staples is a great midi ring — or three. While I'm not sure where Kylie's exact rings came from, midi rings are pretty easy to replicate and look equally as fab as Kylie's own.

Dogeared Gold Plated Midi Love Sparkle Ring, $35, ASOS

This gorgeous ring features beautiful texture, and Kylie's definitely got a thing for gold.

Chain Ring

Stacking rings isn't Kylie's only signature jewelry look. Texture seems to be key, too, and my eyes go directly to those chain rings. Sweet with a little edge.

Gold Double Chain Ring, $21, Etsy

While this ring isn't exactly like Kylie's, does it not just scream her name? From the links of the rings themselves to the inclusion of a thinner chain and a midi connection, it's practically something she'd design.

Quirky Ring

Admittedly, there's a lot going on in this photo in terms of jewelry inspo. From the stackables to the sunburst, there's a lot to choose from. My eye, however, was immediately drawn to the fun, quirky belt buckle.

Sterling Silver Belt Buckle Ring, $69, Etsy

Hello, Kylie dupe. While Kylie's belt buckle ring obviously has bling, this baby is as cost-friendly as it is cute.

Images: Courtesy of brands