Kendall Jenner Might Be On 'Vogue' Soon

Kendall Jenner has graced many an amazing cover. From her recent W Magazine cover to her wave-making GQ cover, she's no stranger to a great photo or making headlines for them. But will Kendall Jenner be on Vogue ? Signs are pointing to a yes, but there's always some potential for being wrong. With Kendall's past work with the fashion magazine and her long and varied history of killing cover shoots, though, it seems like a likely choice. So, who knows, maybe Kendall will be joining big sister Kim as a Vogue cover girl.

While Jenner has never landed on the cover of American Vogue, she's definitely no stranger to the magazine's other incarnations. So far, the successful model has appeared on Vogue Brazil , Vogue Japan, Vogue Paris, and Vogue China. Plus, she's also had tons of incredible spreads inside the magazine. Basically, she's done pretty much every cover except for that coveted American Vogue. Unless you were living under a rock, it's hard to forget the first time a member of the Kardashian and Jenner clans did grace the cover. Kim Kardashian shared her image with husband Kanye West, and the feature was absolutely stunning. Now, though, Kendall Jenner may be joining the club, but her cover will more than likely be all her own.

Where is all this coming from you may be wondering? Well, Jenner and family's Instagram accounts are just two of the clues.

According to Women's Wear Daily , Jenner's elevator Instagram may very well have been taken inside Milk Studios. Milk Studios is rumored to be the very location where the shoot occurred. While the photo doesn't give very much away, there are other clues.

This video, posted to Kim's Instagram, seems far more North West focused than Kendall focused. However, the location and clothing are super important according to Women's Wear Daily. While North does steal the show in the video, Jenner's sweatshirt dress is rumored to be featured in the spread, adding fuel to the will Kendall be on Voguefire. Plus, that setting? Totally looks like a studio, maybe Milk Studios, even.

While these are the two biggest pieces of information that have slipped so far, there are a couple of others that are strongly hinting at a Kendall Jenner Voguecover. All her other covers!

Vogue Brazil

She's already proved she's got the fresh face thing going.

Vogue Japan

Funky fashion definitely isn't out of the question for her potential cover either.

Vogue Paris

High fashion? No problem.

Vogue China

Covers are definitely her jam.

Basically, Jenner's previous Vogue covers and all these social media hints are giving me total hope that Kendall Jenner will be Vogue's next cover model, and personally, I can't wait to see the final product.

Images: Vogue Brazil; Vogue Japan; Vogue Paris; Vogue China