The Pink Ranger Is Getting Her Own Comic Book!

Those lucky Power Rangers fans have already been treated to the promise of a film reboot, a Netflix show, a new comic — and now, a Pink Power Ranger spin-off comic! BOOM! Studios’ Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers comic launched in January, and Issue #0 has sold so well that it’s already on its third printing. So now it’s time for the series to kick off properly, and in fantastically feminist news, it’s the Pink Ranger who’ll be leading the charge.

Power Rangers has always been a feminist fave, thanks to its inclusion of a totally badass female hero, who saved the guys’ asses on multiple occasions. But even in 2016, female heroes and superheroes tend to follow in the wake of men’s success — so it’s wonderful that BOOM! are firmly positioning Kimberly Hart at the front end of their new series.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Pink will go on sale in May, and you only have to look at the creators’ past credits to know this one’s going to be great. The writers Brenden Fletcher and Kelly Thompson previously worked on Batgirl and Jem and the Holograms respectively, and the artist Daniele di Nicuolo is responsible for some the gorgeous art in Mirror’s Edge: Exordium. Oh boy, and you haven't even seen Elsa Charretier's beautiful cover art yet...

I can already tell this whole series is going to be brilliant — but the Pink Ranger's certainly going to leave some pretty big shoes for the rest of them to fill.

Image: Elsa Charretier/BOOM! Studios